Monday, January 16, 2017

What is the CIA doing in the USA?

The CIA's circus side show trying to defame and upstage Donald Trump with absolute nonsense forces us to ask the same question Jesse Ventura asked when he was elected governor of Minnesota. What is the CIA doing in the USA? That's illegal.

Jesse Ventura shared a strange experience that happened to him a month after he was elected governor. He was taken to the basement of the capital to be interviewed by 23 members of the CIA. They sat him down in a chair and formed a half circle around him. Jesse Ventura then said before I answer any of your questions, I want to know what are you doing here? Because in the CIA mission statement it says that they're not to be operational inside the United States of America. They would not answer the question. That is the exact question that needs to be answered now with all this ridiculous beefing between Trump and the CIA. The CIA have no business meddling in the democratic elections within the United States of America.

Criminal Lawyers dot com states that "The CIA's job is to collect and analyze information (or "intelligence") from foreign countries about potential risks to our national security. The CIA then passes on that information to US government officials, such as the President, members of Congress or the US Department of Defense. Government officials use that information to figure out the nation's foreign policy: How the US, as a nation, will react to or deal with a particular problem or threat posed by a foreign government or group."

"There are two main things to remember about what the CIA does not do. First, it isn't a law enforcement agency. It has no authority to arrest anyone or to enforce any laws. It simply gathers information. Also, the CIA works only in foreign matters. It is illegal for the CIA to investigate any US citizen or company inside the US, unless an investigation is part of a foreign intelligence. For example, the CIA may investigate a US citizen who's suspected of being part of a terrorist plot being planned in a foreign country. Unlike the CIA, the FBI is a law enforcement agency. In fact, it's often called the largest law enforcement agency on the planet. Also unlike the CIA, the FBI does not work in foreign countries."

So there ya have it. The CIA is to operate outside the United States and the FBI is to operate inside the United States. The only time the CIA is allowed to investigate someone inside the United States is when that person is suspected of being involved with committing a terrorist attack outside the United States. If that person is suspected of being involved with a terrorist attack inside the United States that falls under the FBI's jurisdiction not the CIA. The was illustrated in the Netflix series Quantico.

The CIA had no business questioning Governor Ventra and they have no business meddling in US elections or in defaming the democratically elected president. This also brings us back to Florida. What was the CIA doing bringing a ton of cocaine into Florida not once but twice?

As we have previously mentioned, Judge Bonner claimed that when he was head of the DEA the CIA brought a ton of cocaine into Florida. The profusely denied it until he went on 60 minutes and documented everything. Then they finally admitted that did in fact do that but the said it was a mistake. They were trying to tack the cocaine to arrest the suppliers. That was yet another bold faced lie. Something the CIA is mandated to do.

After the CIA brought the ton of cocaine into Florida they made absolutely no attempt whatsoever to track where it went after it hit the street and no arrests were made relation to any suppliers of the cocaine. They lied. It was not a sting operation it was simply a continuation of the drug trafficking that was so prevalent during Iran contra.

The second time the CIA was caught bringing a tone of cocaine into Florida they didn't claim it was mistake. They claimed they brought it there to have it destroyed. Yet another ridiculous lie. Why would anyone bring a ton of cocaine into Florida of all places to have it destroyed? Why not destroy it at source? Yet the fundamental question is, what was the CIA doing with cocaine in Florida? That is out of their jurisdiction.

Now we also have to ask what was the CIA doing in LA during the crack epidemic? Gary Webb revelaed that the CIA was responsible for the US crack epidemic in the /80's. After losing his job for telling the truth he documented everything in his book Dark Alliance.

The documentary Freeway Ricky: Crack in the System, further supported Gary Webb's claims. The documentary confirmed Freeway Ricky's direct connection to Blandon. Gary Webb clearly established that Oscar Danilo Blandón was the one bringing in the CIA's cocaine into the US to fund the Contra rebels in Nicaragua. That documents the fact that Freeway Ricky was unknowingly selling crack for the CIA and made a colossal amount of money doing so.

The DEA arrested Oscar Danilo Blandón but the feds pulled the plug on the investigation and wouldn't let him be prosecuted because of his ties to the CIA. So instead they paid Blandón to rat out one of his dealers, Freeway Ricky. That was the first time i'm aware of when a supplier gets police protection for ratting out a dealer when he then just has to pick a new dealer to continue his operation. In the documentary the DEA agent that arrested Freeway Ricky admitted that they lost faith after the feds pulled the plug on the Blandón bust so they started pocketing cash they seized from drug dealers. The corruption started to have a ripple effect.

Here's the twist: What was the CIA doing with Oscar Blandón in LA? That was out of their jurisdiction. Donald Trump may well help fix some of the bureaucracy within the CIA ike any good businessman would but the primary thing that needs to be fixed it to make them obey the law and stick to their mandated jurisdiction. That in itself would save a whole lot of tax dollars not to mention greatly improve national security.

Likewise, Sarah McClendon asked Bill Clinton about the CIA's drug trafficking in Mena Arkansas when he was govenror of Arkansas. She said the CIA brought in plane load after plane load of cocaine for sale in the United States into a small airbase in Mena during Iran contra. That was a known fact. She was simply asking him if he was aware of it at the time.

Bill Clinton did what Bill Clinton does best, he lied. The Mena connection showsthat he and Hillary were deeply rooted in the CIA's drug trafficking out of Mena and explains why the CIA is pushing for Hillary to become president. To continue the same drug trafficking in Mena that she did in Operation Fast and Furious. Once again we must ask, what was the CIA doing in Mena, Arkansas? That was out of their jurisdiction. Their presence there was illegal.

The CIA;s drug trafficking in Lebanon which resulted in the Lockerbie bombing was illegal and immoral but at least it was within their jurisdiction. The CIA have no business drug trafficking within the United States of America. Perhaps that is something Donald Trump and the DEA can address. We on the other hand need to address the CIA's drug trafficking in Canada. Never mind the PoPo, F*ck the CIA. In the words of Steppenwolf, God Damn the CIA.

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