Friday, January 13, 2017

Double Fatality in Edmonton tied to BC Drug Trade

Global is reporting that "two men found dead in a pickup truck in southeast Edmonton Wednesday were shot to death. According to police, the men are both from B.C. And have been identified as Navdeep Sidhu, 24 and Harman Mangat, 22. They referred to the deaths as “drug-related murders” and said the shootings are believed to be related to drug activity in B.C.’s Lower Mainland."

We know that the Edmonton drug trade is red and white and these two likely aren't. With a member of Billy's crew shot dead in Richmond Monday night it looks like the Hells Angels are back killing people to obtain a monopoly on the drug trade again. Just sayin.

Sounds like a job for the Alberta Law Enforcement Team since the EPS is compromised.


  1. market share is very important in any business. now lets see how catches the shooters first, Edmonton or Richmond.

  2. Compromised?????? EPS is THE SLEAZIEST Corrupt Police force in Canada!!! They couldn't even find Waldo.....if they were told!!! HA leaks/Dirty, Steroid-fuelled "cops", lying in both statements and in court.....the list goes on.

    1. lol say what you mean : )

      I was trying to be politically correct.


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