Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Donald Trump Nonsense

I am sick and tired of the relentless bullsh*t the brain dead mainstream media continues to spew about Donald Trump. The republicans won the election. Get over it. He may well be an idiot, but he won the republican nomination and he was elected fair and square. The republican's also won the majority in the house and senate. The obsessive bullsh*t has become absurd.

Gun owners like Donald Trump. Gun owners do not like Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton was a dirty criminal. The democrats had the white house for two terms. Now it's the republicans turn. That is life in a democratic society. Opposing democracy and you are left with a communist state.

Not everyone who voted for Donald Trump are racist. Most just want the economy to improve and deep down that's what eveyone wants. Donald Trump's concerns with these bogus free trade agreements are valid. Him raising those concerns is a good thing. This whole Russia obsession is absurd. Hillary Clinton sold Russia weapons grade uranium for their nuclear missiles. The CIA put Putin in power just like they did Saddam Hussein.

Demonizing Russia when they are no longer communist and at the same time kissing China's ass when they are communist executing political prisoners on demand for organ harvesting is a colossal red flag. McCarthy may well have been paranoid but he was right about the CIA. Communists took over the CIA a long time ago. That is why they are pushing China's corporate communism and why they oppose civl liberty. Let's free Edward Snowden and get on with defending the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Hillary Clinton was the author of Operation Fast and Furious. If the democrats want to retake the white house they need to pick another candidate. That is the reality they must face. Otherwise they are simply agents of the dark side pushing the CIA's arms dealing and drug trafficking network. Donald Trump's beef with the CIA is a good thing. They are the secret society Kennedy warned us about. We need to look beyond the complete nonsense the CIA continues to spam the mainstream media with and move forward.

Update: Former MI-6 spy known to U.S. agencies is author of reports on Trump in Russia

Just like MI 6 were the authors of the false press releases about Iraq's WMD under Operation Mass Appeal. Why and the hell do these criminals have so much power over the Mainstream Media? These are the lawbreakers Edward Snowden warned us about who are trying to destroy civil liberty and the US constitution. The CIA are drug traffickers and arms dealers. CSIS provided the explosives for the Air India bombing. It's time to stop letting them control our media.

Mike Tyson Endorses Donald Trump


  1. Sorry to say, it's not going to end. Not quickly anyway. Like all the other problems connected to the "progressivist" undermining of America, the press moving away from real journalism to a shameless propaganda machine took 50 years to get to this point and it won't go quietly. Their self-important entitled attitude showed through very clearly today when the Communist News Network reporter at Trump's press conference tried to DEMAND that Trump answer a question. AYFKM. None of them would ever have spoken that way to Obama, they were too busy fawning over him. Later the CNN reporter came right out and said "One day he's going to need us". LOL, talk about slow, these people still don't realize Trump is going to step around the purveyors of second hand news (the press) and communicate directly with the American people when and however he feels the need without them being involved. CNN was busy reporting about "fake news" that they swallowed hook line and sinker, passed to them by the CIA. It was almost immediately proven false, claims that a Trump staffer had been to Prague to meet with the Russians folded faster than Superman on laundry day when the staffer produced his passport (he'd never left the country) and it was shown that the person they were talking about was a different person of the same name and year of birth, but different day. "Fact check" much? But that's "journalism" in the present time.

    Buckle up folks, it's going to be a great show.....

    1. The control the CIA has over the MSM is very concerning. Demonizing Russia while they kiss Communist China's ass is the root of the problem. It shows the CIA no longer supports the US Constitution and civl liberty.

  2. No longer supports the U.S.A constitution and civil liberty??, Dennis I am much older than you and can tell you they haven't since I was a child.

    My point is both Communist China and Russia are bad news and bad actors. Both are demons, in my opinion. We ought not to be doing as much business with either country nor ought Communist China be able to own property or corporations in Canada. Many of these corporations are actually owned by the Red Army of China and/or the Communist Government itself, it isn't individuals. that needs to stop or some day we will wake up to find the Communist Chinese government owns more of our country than we do. That will not end well given the free trade agreements. these agreement provide for these corporations to bring in their own staff when they, the companies, deem it necessary. that could leave Canada with a lot of communist officials in our country, not to mention their own security forces.

    "the relentless bullshit", well its their version of the truth and its just like Trump and his relentless bullshit. Having read some of Trump's tweets and his press people's explainations, its pretty much all bullshit.

    However, its a democracy and its freedom of the press.

    Now as to did Trump win fair and square, that will be debated for some time. I do think he won the electoral districts he did and thus he wins. what part 3rd parties played in the "spreading" of news, well that's another thing.

    One American blog poster did raise an interesting point. they did agree Trump won the vote, but did he honestly win the nomination. they questioned whether that could have been "hijacked".

    there is enough material out there now to question if Russia can black mail Trump with the material they have on him. None of this bodes well for the Americans.

    People may have voted for Trump because they wanted change. they are going to get change, it just may not be the change they wanted. People wanted Change, well he nominated Sessions as the A.G. that will be change alright, just not the type the U.S.A. needs. the man has a history in Alabama and it isn't a good one. Just check out Legal Schnauzzer, which a few years ago was rated as one of the top legal blogs in America. Its the only one not affiliated with a law school, etc.

    1. I agree with you about China but not Russia. Putin is as dirty and George Bush but he is no Stalin. China is communist. They are murdering political prisoners to order for organ harvesting and as you say, their corporations are buying up Canada and our oil rights. Russia is no longer communist.

      They are freaking out about Russia but saying nothing about China. That is a colossal contradiction especially when THEIR candidate sold Russia weapons grade uranium for their nuclear missiles. The CIA claiming Trump has ties to Russia after Hillary did that is insanely hypocritical.

      As to the freedom of the press, the press is not free. The corporations own the mainstream media and the CIA control it with their ridiculous propaganda which perpetuates their arms dealing and drug trafficking. Sorry, this blog does not support Hillary Clinton or the CIA.

  3. Trump was not elected fair and square. Far from it.

    The mass media did everything in their power to portray him as anything removed from what a President, politician or even decent human being should be.

    They (the media) are furious he won. They tried all their propaganda techniques to turn the people against him and failed.

    What Trump needs to do is implement a media watch-dog agency that has a lot of teeth and biting power.

    If a network or program claims to be "news" or "journalism" and is biased without facts to not just support their claims but to also counter any opposite claims then the agency the agency needs to be able to effectively put an end to their biased practices - either by very heavy fines (media is all about profit) and/or removing their licences if they continue to claim to be a news agency.

    Journalism schools also need to be held accountable for their curricula.

    1. This is true. The mainstream media opposed him and cooked the books with regards to the polls then said what a surprise the election was. They are the ones that reported the false polls. Now they are still trying to undermine him.

  4. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

  5. Bring back the Sedition Act I say.

    The funny part about Joe McCarthy is he was right about what was going on and who was behind it, but the guilty parties managed to flip things on him and paint him as the bad guy, then waltz merry about their business of undermining The Constitution and The Republic until.....

    Now. All their gains are about to be rolled back and they aren't happy. Boo fucking hoo.

    "When I am weak, I beg you for my freedom because that is according to your principles. When I have gained strength because of your weakness, I take your freedom because that is according to my principles."


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