Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Dark side of Donald Trump

We've seen the dark side of Hillary Clinton. She has been deeply involved with arms dealing, money laundering and drug trafficking for a generation.

Now Donald Trump has revealed his dark side. I'm not referring to his beef with the CIA. That's a good thing. I'm not even referring to another brick in the wall. I'm referring to his ban on Muslims from certain countries but not Saudi Arabia. People seem to think rich muslims are OK but poor muslims aren't. Yet it goes far beyond that. It is a step towards racial profiling.

With one sweep of the pen, Donald Trump has created a ban on immigrants from seven Muslim countries. It includes a ban on green card holders. As a result, US residents traveling abroad have been denied reentry into the United States. This is evil.

Most of the 911 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia. Their visas were denied and the CIA overruled that decision and brought them in directly. Trumps ban will not help protect America from terrorists. The only way to protect America from terrorists is to ban the CIA.

In contrast, the Hill is reporting that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday responded to President Trump's executive order banning refugees and halting immigration from several countries by welcoming those refugees to Canada. "To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada" Trudeau tweeted. Makes you proud to be Canadian.

Canada should immediately open their borders to these working professionals denied reentry into the US. This is what I meant when I said I don't like Donald Trump as a person but think as a person, Justin Trudeau is a great guy. If there was only some way to balance the extremes. If Justine Trudeau could get his brain around avoiding unnecessary debt he would be perfect. Right now he is all heart and no business sense. Trump is the opposite. He is no heart all business. Humanity calls for a balance between the two. Welcome to Canada: Bienvenue.

Turns out the Trump ban includes Canadians who hold dual citizenship with one of those seven countries. Those Canadians are no longer allowed to enter the United States. Part of me says why would I want to go to a place like that? The other part of me says you guys are really missing out. Diversity makes us strong.

Update: And now the courts fight back to sustain the constitution.

Canada offers temporary home to those stranded by Trump order


  1. Trump isn't all business. He is bad for business. Just check with Goggle who has workers who needed to get back into the U.S.A. before the ban went into effect. The ban will prevent people from travelling for their employers.
    Some Over seas specialists won't be able to work in the U.S.A
    This might be good for Canadian business when some of these international corporations decide its best to re locate some of their operations to Canada. Hell, Calgary has a lot of office space at great discounts and a very cool Mayor.

    Those countries which aren't on trump's list all have dealing/business with the Trump organization and that includes Turkey, Indonesia, etc. perhaps this is simply a ploy by Trump to force those 7 countries to let his companies do more business there, well with the exception of Syria, they just keep bombing everything. to prevent people from coming from Syria to the U.S.A. may simply be a way to force those people to stay and be killed. those fleeing are not the friends of Putin and/or Assad.

    1. Putin isn't a boogie man or as big as a player as you want to think. Communist China is far worse and nothing is said about them because of their economic pull.

      I don't think Trump's ban on those seven countries is a conspiracy to force them to do more business with the US like the invasion of Iraq was. I dont think he's that bright. I just think he's uneducated and racist. Those two elements go hand in hand. Racism is a sign of ignorance.

  2. I do agree with you, Saudi Arabia should definitely be on that list, various members of the Saudi royal family (it's a big one, 5000 "princes")have been supporting Islamic terrorism for YEARS and spreading their fundamentalist Wahhabi poison for even longer. Heck if I'd been the POTUS on 9/11, as soon as I found out 15 out of 19 of those guys were Saudi, Riyad and Mecca would probably be glassed over craters.

    I do predict that the Iraqi who is a green card holder that was an interpreter for us in Iraq will be granted re-entry to the States. It's a drastic shift policy wise and it's not a surprise that when it gets implemented there's a glitch or three.

    Since when did Islam become a race? The ban isn't even just for Muslims though, it's for ANYONE from the countries on the list which were put there because of terrorist activity in those countries. I'm sure if there was a sudden spate of Roman Catholic terrorism people from Spain or Italy would be targeted, or Israeli's if Jews started blowing shit up.

    It's about terrorism. Specifically Islamic terrorism. It's not because they're Arabs. If it was, then THAT would be racist. And while we're on the subject, we need to be expediting the immigration as ACTUAL refugees of Arab Christians who have been severely targeted in their home countries (Iraq, Syria etc.) in recent years

    Muslims. It's not about race, it's about culture.

    1. Religious discrimination is illegal. It violates the US Constitution and a free republic. I do not support it. My neighbours are wonderful.

  3. trailer runner its not about security. its about hatred for Muslims. Trump appeared on a "Christian" t.v. show and clearly said he would accept Christian refugees from these countries but not Muslim. its discrimination on the basis of religion. Now he didn't include Turkey or Indonesia who have had their problems but they do a lot of business with the Turnip Truck Trump.

    Some of Trump's base doesn't like Muslims. He's catering to them. His line of "make America great again" was really just another way of saying "make America white again". We all know who he hired, Steve Bannon and we know who he stands with. If you go over to Lawyers, Guns, and money blog you will find some interesting items to read, including the former Mayor of New York's attitudes, you know Turnip Truck's good friend.

    In my opinion these people are racists. Just check some of Trump's comments regarding Mexicans during his campaign.

    I'm waiting for the Muslim registry. There may be an effort to put that into effect. then he will be running neck and neck with Hitler and the Nazi's. if the Nazi's didn't start a registry in some towns they invaded, they would go to the Temple and find the records and then knew where all Jews were. Then they had the arm bands, and then the round ups, the detentions, sort of like what Turnip Truck Trump is doing now. You're too young to have lived through WW II in Europe or to have experienced the Nazi's rolling into where you lived.

    its being reported Turnip Truck Trump and his trumpettes are considering asking people coming into the U.S.A. to give them the websites they visit, etc. Not what one would call a free and democratic society. When ever these simple guys come along with their simple solutions it always spells trouble, because life and politics in this day and age is not simple.


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