Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ip Man 3 with Mike Tyson

I was pretty impressed to hear that Mike Tyson was in Ip Man 3. I forgot it's on Netfix. There is a fight scene on youtube. It's pretty well done. Tyson is obviously a lot bigger and stronger than Donnie Yen but at 3:30 in the video he starts blocking Tyson's powerful punches with bong sao elbow blocks which is traditional wing chung. It's awesome.

In the interview Donnie Yen confirmed what we already figured out in Ip Man one and two in that although the trilogy is based on the life of a real person it's not a documentary. They changed things to spice it up a bit. In real life Ip Man left China and moved to Hong Kong after the communist Revolution because he was a member of the opposing political party.

It was intersting to hear Mike Tyson speaking out in support of Donald Trump in an unrelated interview. No doubt Iron Mike has a future on the big screen. He played a funny scene in a Crocodile Dundee movie years ago as well.

In that clip he showed Crocodile Dundee's son how to meditate like the Flaun Gong do. Good thing the Chinese government didn't arrest him in China for doing the same thing the Falun Gong do. The communist government sure likes to censor things. They actually rewrite history.

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