Saturday, January 28, 2017

Syria Refugees in Surrey

Speaking of the dark side of Donald Trump, this is a tasty treat our Syrian refugee neighbours just sent over. They are wonderful. Welcome to Canada. Diversity makes us strong.

It's like a facebook slogan during the last election. "I don't hate my neighbours. They make me samosas." There is a large Indo Canadian population in Surrey but where I live its totally diverse. Syrian, Asian, Polish and us - British, Scotch Irish. They are all wonderful neighbours.


  1. The only scary people in or from Syria are the President, his buddy Putin, and their supporters.

    can't understand why Syrian people were banned by Trump. However there are now news reports that other countries which actually have been "troublism" aren't on the list is because Trump does business in those countries, i.e Indonesia and turkey.

    This ban is causing many difficulties for people who are peaceful and only want a safe place to live and/or visit their friends and family.

    Trump, like Hitler, needs a boogie man. Hitler used the Jews. Trump is using the Muslims. There is no reason for this ban to be in place. It simply makes life difficult for ordinary people. real terrorist can get into the country very easily and they won't be coming via a major airport or across the border from Mexico.

    If terrorists wanted to do real damage to the U.S.A. they'd simply sail some freighters into some harbours like in Boston, San Francisco, N.Y. and blow them up. Hasn't anyone seen the documentary on when the Halifax harbour blew up. Its easy and cheap. The ban on Muslims is simply politics via Trump. Lets make sure Canada welcomes the people Trump is forcing to re-locate.

    Some of the major tech firms may also open offices in Canada given so many of their staff are international and may no longer be able to travel and new staff might not be able to come in the U.S.A. Some of the brightest minds will not be able to enter the U.S.A.

    dinner looks good at your place. Nice neighbours.

    1. ISIS in Syria are pretty scary too and they were supported by Hillary Clinton and the United States. Trump isn't the one who created the need for a boogie man. That is the CIA's method of operation. Trumps just an idiot and falls for that part of their agenda. Like you say this ban might be good for Canada and we are certainly open for business. My neighbours are awesome.


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