Tuesday, January 31, 2017

B.C. fentanyl dealer sentenced to 14 years in prison

CBC is reporting that "A man accused of bearing "personal significant responsibility for hundreds of fentanyl-detected deaths in British Columbia has been given 14 years in prison, in the first major fentanyl-related sentencing in British Columbia since the opioid crisis began."

"Walter James McCormick was sentenced Monday, after an extended trial that centred around the government's desire to create a new sentencing range for fentanyl trafficking, a case in which the Crown was asking for an unprecedented 18-year prison term."

Will Surrey arrest the fentanyl dealers on the Surrey strip now or will they simply use this single scapegoat as a pretense for addressing the problem?


  1. "Will Surrey arrest the fentanyl dealers on the Surrey strip now or will they simply use this single scapegoat as a pretense for addressing the problem?"

    Well, I certainly can't say their isn't grounds for your to be skeptical about that, but we can hope, right?

  2. Walt was the lower mainlands original fent pusher . He made fake oxy and even xanax that was actually all fent. He started 7 yrs ago.

  3. Perhaps this groundbreaking sentence will give others pause for cause. I'm as old school as you can get with lots of experience and pen time but I agree that selling fentanyl is not any different than spiking someone's drink with cyinide (sic).

  4. OMG How did that happen? they really gave him a 14 yr sentence? GREAT NEWS! At last. this won't solve the problem but it sure sends a message, the courts don't like all those people dying and they're going to do something.
    Thank you to the Crown and the Judge.

  5. Don't all jump for joy yet he got 8 years for the first offence 6 for the second offence for a total of 14 that will run concurrent not consecutive making it a total 8 year sentence which is still severe IMO especially if it was a first offence. With that being said Fentanyl is a horrible drug but the problem is most of the street level sellers of this crap are doing it themselves. Look at the photos of this guy his face has junkie written all over it

    1. He is actually a healthy normal lookin fella. Most people didnt wanna do shit with him cause they thought he was a cop

  6. Agreed, that many of the street level dealers are "doing this crap themselves". However, if the police had a "catch and release" program it would take the profit margin out of it for them.

    What is always so surprising is that the suppliers of the dealers aren't being arrested and charged with any great frequency. it can't be that difficult to arrest some of them. If it is a shortage of police officers, that can be solved, if there is a political will. My impression has always been there is no political will. At some level all of this drug dealing and dying is working for some one.


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