Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Shooting at a Mosque in Quebec

Notwithstanding the seriousness of the tragedy, I am hesitant to even mention the Mosque shooting in Quebec because I am of the opinion most of these mass shootings are indeed orchestrated. Nevertheless it did happen. Some wack job wing nut went into a mosque in Quebec City Sunday night and started shooting random people. 6 people dead 19 injured. A complete tragedy with no real motive. Guess what, he wasn't a refugee.

Justin Trudeau asked Fox News to take down their false tweet about the Quebec City mosque shooter which claimed one of the shooters was a Moroccan-born Quebecer. Turns out the Moroccan-born Quebecer was a witness not a suspect.

Quebec's premier admitted that the Mosque shooting shows Quebec has its demons. "Xenophobia, racism and exclusion are present here." This is true but is rather baffling. The French Revolution was all about Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Some have cited that historic pledge in light of the hypocritical quest to ban hijabs in France. Police making a woman remove her Burkini on the beach is obscene.

One blog reader recently sent me a very offensive video of a white Nazi railing on Islam. A woman wearing a hijab started to heckle him and he shouted out You're wearing a hijab in the United States of America. What's wrong with you? At that point I shut the video off. There is nothing wrong with her. That is her right. He is the one with the problem because he doesn't understand or support the US Constitution. That is the real problem.

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  1. never thought hijabs were a problem. they solved a lot of problems, especially when having a bad hair day. Back in the 1950s very few if any women went to church here in Canada without a hat or something covering their hair.

    The shooting is tragic. I am not surprised it happened in Quebec. That is where the first mass shootings of women in Canada happened.

    People like Kelley Leitch aren't part of the solution.

    When people preach hate and distrust, they further isolate new comers to a country. friendliness and helpfulness always is a better solution.


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