Monday, January 23, 2017

Women's rights misrepresented

I find it mildly amusing that the anti Trump camp are hiding under the umbrella of women's rights. There's been a few women's rights marches denouncing the election of Donald Trump. Trump's response was simple. Why didn't they vote? Oh they did. I'll be the first one to admit that I don't like Trump as a person. His locker room banter is childish. Unfortunately it's common. That certainly doesn't make it right. It just makes the anti Trump camp complete hypocrites for trying to claim his election in any way violates women's rights.

Donald Trump is no different than Bill Clinton or Newt Gingrich. Speaking of Mr. Bill, did you see Hillary catch him checking out Ivanka at the inauguration? It was priceless.

Even the mighty Obama himself had wandering eyes.

We know that more than Sarkozy's eyes wandered during his tenure. What were all these women's rights protesters saying about Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich's infidelities? Oh they weren't protesting infidelity, they were protesting childish locker room banter. Really?

Ultimately, Madonna was the one that took the cake. What the hell is Madonna doing speaking at a march for women's rights? She is the one who made a career out of demeaning women.

Madonna said she is really angry that Donald Trump was elected. In fact she's so angry she feels like blowing up the white house. Oh really. Now we know that wasn't a threat and we know she was simply expressing her anger but what was she really angry about? Was she really angry about women's rights or was she really angry about something else?

So what is the protest really about then? What country has Donald Trump invaded or what policy has he created that's so offensive? Well he hasn't yet but just you wait. So you're not protesting a policy he made or a country he invaded, you are protesting the fact that he won the election and that your candidate lost? Really? Is that what this is all about? Get over it.

Gun owners like Donald Trump. Gun owners don't like Hillary Clinton. This election wasn't about women's rights. It was about arms dealing and drug trafficking. The CIA are upset their candidate lost and are spamming the media with nonsense because they are facing budgets cuts and well they should. They shouldn't even be operating on US soil. Move forward. Ignore the CIA.

I will add that although Madonna campaigned for Hillary and has a history of being trashy as hell, she was absolutely magnificent in Evita when she sang Don't Cry for me Argentina. That was the classiest role she ever played. Now she's promoting Hillary's arms dealing and drug trafficking. Pitty. Hillary Clinton is no Eva Perón.

Madonna has completely lost it. She claims women betrayed us by voting for Donald Trump. She claims “Women hate women. That’s what I think it is.” I think Madonna needs some time with Dr. Phil. She's on a women's march against women who voted for Trump. Now that is conflicted.

Update: The Toronto Sun is reporting that "modern feminism is no longer an inclusive movement to protect and improve the lives of all women. These leftist feminists have shown their true colours. They’ve demonstrated that feminism isn’t about women, it’s about politics – where a feminist man, even a violent one, comes ahead of a conservative woman."


  1. Madonna's lawyer was probably face palming himself repeatedly yesterday, the Secret Service is now investigating her remarks about blowing up the White House. This low class trash is about to find out that the First Amendment protecting free speech doesn't apply to incitement or sedition. Some stuff you don't joke about any more than you yell fire in a crowded theater. Not guilty? That's for a court to decide. Try mentioning or joking about bombs or hijacking while standing in line at the airport and see what happens.

    I'm told there was a short-lived (apparently it was kinda cold outside, like 12deg. F, 32deg is freezing in farenheit) demonstration with female protesters against Trump today because he's anti-woman.

    In Saskatoon. AYFKM. What an excellent example of the loony left (and their globalist orientation)in action.....Thank God the adults are back in charge in Washington D.C..

    1. I really don't think Madonna had any intention of blowing up the White House but you are right, it is not something to say or joke about. She is mad her candidate lost the election and her anger against other women for betraying her is absurd


    The Washington "protest" (as well as most, if not all of the other larger ones) had the fingerprints of "centcom" all over them; funding, timing, coordination, talking points, transportation, celebrities, media awareness/mobilization, t-shirts, official beanies, signs, etc. These protests were as real as GMO corn, and just as healthy, lol.

    And Gloria Steinem's presence spoke volumes:

  3. Gloria Steinem? Wow, I thought she died of breast cancer or something years ago. But seriously, now average folks who were accepting of this BS can finally see the links between "all the usual suspects". (George Soro's was a teenage Nazi collaborator in his native Hungary near the end of the war.) These people have been poisoning Western Civilization, subverting the Constitution, and bad mouthing their country since the 60's. Their day is done, they just don't know it yet. Compare their playbook side by side with Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" and basic Marxist-Leninist doctrine. THAT is who these people are, not who they claim to be. Everything they say is a lie. Socialist totalitarian doctrine killed 100 million people in the 20th century, thank God people seem to be realizing that their idea's, however good and high-minded they sound, don't work, that their goal, their only goal, is power, not the things they talk of, and that their road leads to a ditch full of bodies because there is no crime they won't commit to gain that power and if they get it, there is nothing they won't do to keep it. When did you ever see people of conservative (read normal) views rioting in the street, smashing windows, etc.? None of that happened when a race baiting, whitey hating, poverty pimp Marxist narcissist named Barry Soetero won an election in 2008. By their deeds ye shall know them.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish I say...

  4. Madonna says and does what works for Madonna. Don't know who takes her seriously.

    What the march meant for me and others was health care, women's reproductive rights, women's voting rights, education rights for the children of women, services for female Veterans, the list goes on. The march just wasn't about Turnip acting like a "...."

    Now trailrunner78, you may not like Gloria Steinem, but "joking" about dying from breast cancer just isn't on. Far to many men have lost women they loved to the disease. You might be interested to know men can also die from the disease. You may not like Ms. Steinem but she brought a lot of issues to the fore during her time and imported the lives of women in America.

    Now as to the 100 million people ...... it was more like communist totalitarian doctrine and lets not forget all of those who died at the hands of the capitalists. Lets start with the slave traders and work up to date, o.k. Mr. Watson's blog won't take all of that, but you get the drift. By their deeds ye shall be know.....well more recently lets look at the cia and all the people they killed and that was on behalf of capitalists. if we get right down to it the greatest capitalists in the world are the drug cartels, but if you want to stay with western society and more "normal" things, lets try the textile industry, mining industry, manufacturing. All those who died in English cotton mills. Then all those who worked building the railways in North America. It wasn't until Unions got into the act that the deaths on work sites started to decline.
    enough of my rank good night

    1. You are quite correct in that the Woman's rights march was not supposed to be about Donald Trump it was about Women's rights. You are also right in that Madonna says and does what works for Madonna.

      I had a coworker say that he felt Donald Trump was trying to roll back Women's Rights. My response was in what way would he do that? Would he enact legislation that would prevent gender pay equity? No. Would he legalize beating your wife? No. Would he take away a woman's right to vote? No. There is nothing that Donald Trump could possibly do that would in any way harm women's rights.

      As a person Donald Trump is an asshole just like Bill Clinton or Newt Gingrich but for people who are upset their candidate lost an election to highjack a Women's rights march for their own agenda was tacky and tasteless.

      And yes, this blog does not support Hillary Clinton's arms dealing and drug trafficking. Women deserve better than Hillary Clinton. We all do.

      In real life the CIA do not represent Capitalists, they represent Corporate Communists. I don't see it as a struggle between Communists and Capitalists. It is a struggle for civil liberty in a a free republic.

  5. Of course Trump would do none of those things. The fact that these people claim he will tells you who they really are and what their real agenda is, "rule by minorities". Sorry, that's not how this works, although the usual suspects have been pushing for that for years. And now it's all ending for them. (and us thank God) Boo-hoo. Their special little snowflake BS has been indulged for far too long. The basic rights of minorities are protected, but not privilege being put forth as a right. No more special status. This is why control of language and definitions is vital to the left, it's how they lie in plain sight, and when repeated often enough it becomes accepted "truth", until people begin to speak actual truth again, and then it stands revealed for the falsehood it always was.

    Interesting that none of these radical feminists take any note of things like his campaign manager being a woman, or that she's the first woman to manage a presidential campaign, winning or otherwise. Trump has been hiring women to high positions on construction projects (talk about a non-traditional workplace, right?) and within his organization for years. "Trump's gonna blah blah".... As I said, LIES.

    The true women's movement achieved the majority of it's objectives and was thereafter co-opted years ago (like the 60's) by the radical lesbian man haters who hate men so much they spell it "womyn" so it doesn't have to include the word "men", and they themselves are "useful idiots" in the classic sense of the phrase of advancing the totalitarian agenda. "Socialism, idea's so good they have to be mandatory". But yeah, they're about freedom. LOL.

    They can expect to be yet further irrelevant in the years to come as the job market opens back up with good paying jobs and single worker income levels rise such that women with children and a husband will be able to return to being there for their children rather than being forced into the workplace by economic necessity. Perhaps women's standards of what they will accept in a mate and who they will allow to reproduce with them will also rise so that they will not be forced back into the workplace by some douchebag who dumps them for the next thrill and can't or won't support his own kids. It may be society's duty to make sure a woman and her children don't wind up in the street, but I don't think it's unfair to observe that when/if that happens there have been some failures of judgement that precede that. Infatuation is not enough, true love is needed, with which comes a sense of responsibility to be lived up to even if it's inconvenient. TLWNF.


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