Friday, January 13, 2017

Hells Angels member charged in Frankfurt gangland shooting

DW dot com is reporting that "Some eight months after a shooting in the German city of Frankfurt, the public prosecutor's office has charged a 56 year old member of the Hells Angels for attempted murder. His accomplice, a 38-year-old Hell's Angel that had reportedly been expelled as member of the Rockerclub a few weeks earlier, is still on the run."

This is related to a drive by shooting in Frankfurt June of last year where two people were seriously injured. DW dot com epoted at the time that the shooting was an internal rivalry between two Hells Angels groups in Germany.

So here we have two members of the Hells Angels charged with shooting two other members of the Hells Angels. No L&R there. October of last year we reported on the shooting of Aygun Mucuk, president of a German chapter of the Hells Angels last year which at the time also appeared to be an internal conflict within the club. AFFA Not.

Last year we reported that there had been a rivalry between the Giessen Hells Angels, whose membership is largely of Turkish origin, and the long-established Hells Angels chapter in Frankfurt. Giessen is just north of Frankfurt. Interesting to note that Frankfurt is Germany's financial center and home to the European Central Bank. It's all about the Money so it is.


  1. if they keep shooting each other, who knows we could have a lot less of them. it may not be an ideal solution, but its a solution. You live by the sword, you die by the sword, or some such thing.

  2. Pretty much my thoughts about the situation in Chicago. I'm not sure why everyone's getting so torqued about 800 murders in a year and less than 20% clearance rate, that's what it was like in the early 90's when I lived there. Do you have the occasional innocent kid getting caught up in it? Yeah, absolutely. But that fact of the matter is 90% of the vics are people we can all do without. The criminal underclass conducting retroactive birth control operations is not a bad thing in my book. If we could then find a way to stop baby momma's from popping out enough replacements (that we wind up paying for) that we don't reap the downstream benefits of that, we'd be good. On what it costs us to raise one of these 5th or 6th Gen thugs, hospital bills when they get shot and have the temerity to survive, ongoing costs when they need critical care for the rest of their short ass lives, or 20-30 years in the penitentiary at $50K@ year each, we could probably actually afford free college for anyone who actually is worth the expenditure. (Science, Technology, Medical degree's, Finance/Economics not so much, you want that pay for it yourself) What I mean by that is, there are lot of people out there with worthless degree's that are of no value in the market place. The world needs ditch digger's too.

  3. Society created the men who commit serious violent crimes. Little compassion rather than
    just "kill me all attitude" might help the future generations from becoming entrenched in the lifestyle.
    If you kill their fathers, uncles, mothers, aunts, grandparents, siblings. They'll just want to kill you, "society".
    And who are the "baby momma's", the hells angels moms? Or
    Is that a term used specifically for black people. If the gangs decide to turn on the governments. Game over. They'll come for mainstream society who never gave a fuck about them.
    Who taught the men of Chicago violence? It was the slave owners.

  4. Was Chicago ever a peaceful town? Its where the cattle were driven back in the day to be shipped further east. Chicago got big, but at some levels didn't change that much.

    Things got worse when organized crime got there and an underclass of criminal developed. Then you mix in a lot of poverty and political corruption, ............

    people usually aren't born criminals, they become them. Had Chicago spent money on health, education, housing, honest policing back in the 1950s and on wards we might have seen a different city.

    the city of Chicago decided to spend money on corruption an incarceration. that is how you got all those criminals. if you don't learn from history you are bound to repeat it and Chicago never learned.


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