Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Mission Shooting

The Mission city Record is reporting that "Three suspects are now in custody and a hostage has been recovered safe and uninjured after a shooting incident earlier today in Mission. The incident began at about 1 p.m. today (Jan. 10) when Mission RCMP were called to the scene, in the Stave Falls area on Dewdney Trunk Road after receiving reports of a drive-by shooting."

"A woman has been taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries after being shot. As police began their investigation, it was soon discovered that another person was being held against their will by the suspects. Police located and stopped the suspect vehicle in Coquitlam. “Our ERT team safely conducted a high risk takedown of the vehicle,” said Mason. Police now have three suspects in custody. A number of firearms have also been seized. A female, believed to have been taken against her will, was located safely in the suspect vehicle without incident.

The Tri city News posted pictures from the scene.


  1. Not a comment. 2/3 through the No Angel book by Jay Dobyns. Pretty good. Says he went to Mexico when he shouldn't have. Talks about the details of all the interactions. Ballsy stuff.

    1. That very same group of ATF agents Jay Dobyns worked with went on to sell guns to the Mexican cartel and brought back tons of cocaine into the US in Operation Fast and Furious. I have already talked about the ATF's predisposition for corruption:


      He was right about one thing. The ATF are no angels. They are corrupt drug dealers that covet the gang life and crush civil liberty. I prefer George Christie's book Exile on Front Street as it is far more impartial.


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