Saturday, January 14, 2017

Red Scorpion bust in Kamloops

Kamloops this week is reporting that "Heavily armed Kamloops Mounties raided a North Shore gym on Friday morning - a gym owned and operated by a co-founder of the Red Scorpions gang. In a press conference Friday afternoon, a RCMP spokeswoman said the operation at the Heavy Metal Gym occurred following a traffic stop in the morning, where one person was arrested for possessing and trafficking of illegal drugs." Let's hope it's more than just steroids.

ERT used explosive distraction devices during the raid on the gym. Was that really necessary? With all the fentanyl out there killing people, steroids is the least of our concerns. Looks like Konaam has stayed out of trouble for a long time. Perhaps they should give him some space so he can earn an honest living. It's like the illegal tobacco industry. Who cares about that?

Afer the Surrey Six murder the RS started working for the Hells Angels instead of the UN.

The Bacon brothers are the low life scum bags involved in that toxic takeover.

Yet Jamie Bacon wasn't trying to extort Cory Lal on behalf of himself.

Update: Kamloops raid turn up empty handed


  1. "Explosive distraction devices" is a buzz phrase they came up with to make them sound less threatening than "concussion grenade" which is what they really are. They're not supposed to be used "just because", they're for when you have people inside a structure who are armed and expected to resist. Not "just because". Not because it's a tool in your bag and so you use it whenever you can. "These are close to their 'use by' date, so....".

    When is the last time anyone fired up a stack making entry anywhere in Canada? or tried to? Yeah, that's right, never. You go, hero's....

    1. The police used a stun grenade to arrest Jefferson Delalcazar in Victoria April 2008. That was a little bit of an over kill then too. It just shows the police are afraid of the people they are trying to arrest.

      Think about it, you're a civilian working out at a gym in Kamloops that just happens to be owned by a former gang member and the police use a concussion grenade to execute a search warrant. Kinda like me in the back country trying out my bear scare just for fun. If the police want to play with toys they shouldn't do it around civilians.

  2. I am of the opinion police sometimes use excessive force be it shooting people or these types of Stun grenades is because they are afraid of the situation they are in. I think that is why they sometimes even shoot people to death. They're just plan scared. Many of them have never been in a physical altercation in their lives. They never were in a fist fight, not even as children. On one hand its better that people don't resort to physical violence while growing up, on the other hand, when you become a cop and have never had to deal with it, it can be a disadvantage. Yes, its better that police officers don't use physical violence but there are a few situations where you need to be able to wade in and get with the agenda.

    Perhaps part of police training should be as a min. include boxing and better psychological testing to see how people preform under situations dealing with physical violence.

    There is an interesting old documentary about the British Army during WW Ii when they were selecting men for some thing equivalent to a "special force". They trained them and then discovered some failed at the end. They then went to psychological testing first, the ones that passed went onto training. there were far better outcomes, even if the men were smaller and they though less likely to make good soldiers from a physical perspective.

    1. Yes when the police use a stun grenade to arrest someone in public it just means they are scared of the person they are trying to arrest. Doing the psychological testing first is a much more practical approach to training. Some people just don't get it no matter how much training you give them.


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