Friday, March 29, 2013

Bacchus accused of smuggling drugs in Halifax jail

CTV is reporting that earlier this month, 14 people were arrested in Halifax, Truro and Cape Breton and 43 charges were laid following a probe into drug trafficking at the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Halifax.

On Tuesday, RCMP issued a release saying it made another arrest on Monday evening as a result of its five-month probe of activities at the jail. Thirty-year-old David Bishop, a member of Bacchus MC, was arrested during a search of a residence on Chelmsford Street in Halifax.

He is facing charges of trafficking cocaine and steroids, possession of steroids, resisting arrest, unsafe storage of ammunition, possession of cannabis resin, two counts of possessing a prohibited weapon and one count of breaching court conditions.

Happy Easter Buttkiss. Say Hi to the three stooges in the dumb house crew this weekend. Cocaine and steroids. If those hillbillies had half a brain they’d be dangerous.


  1. Four out of eight members of Hants county chapter now facing charges. That's more then just a few bad apples! That's fifty percent! Looks like a criminal organization to me.

  2. lol No doubt. They love those cavity searches. They like smuggling the cocaine in by swallowing condoms full of it. Do you know where you’re cocaine has been?



  5. Just saw that thanks. Oh Happy Day.

  6. Wow.... Once again the Hants County / Nova Scotia Chapter of Bacchus proves to be a bunch of Patch Wearing Re-Tards! Truly a humiliating embarrassment yet again to the main chapter in New Brunswick or anyone else who considers themselves a "REAL" Biker!... Patch or no Patch!

    These guys are a fucking JOKE! Why Bacchus New Brunswick, who have a long standing rep of being a "Real" MC, doesn't shut down the Nova Scotia chapter before they bring down the entire club is beyond reason!..Oh... Too LATE... You're already labeled a criminal organization cause of Hants County! Obviously a prerequisite to be patched into the Nova Scotia Chapter is you have to be a complete ASSHOLE, no sense of Honor, Respect, or Loyalty, be A completely self-centered, self-worshiping Dickhead, a coke dealer, and bully civilians! What a great example they portray! HA! What A JOKE!.. Bacchus Nova Scotia is a slap in the face to what a true MC and being a "Biker" is all about!

    BACCHUS NOVA SCOTIA.. YOU HAVE NOT EARNED OR DESERVE ANY RESPECT! I got more respect for a 16 year old on a Vespa!

    You guys are a pathetic example of an MC, and are truly dredging the bottom of the shit-pile! I guess anyone who what's to join Bacchus Nova Scotia is at the point of... hmmmm Shoot myself!... Or... become an upstanding member of Hant's County Bacchus! Keep up the great work Re-Tards!

    It's assholes like you that give your entire Club or any MC a bad name! New Brunswick must be soooooooo Proud to where that patch after all the shit you've caused! Good luck crossing the border now boys! You're now tagged as a criminal organization cause of the Hant's County Re-Tards!

    Yup.... After 40 years... Bacchus is now labeled as a "Criminal Organization"... Why you ask???.... Let's all give a rounding hand of applause for the Hant's County Chapter of Bacchus... Just thought I'd repeat that!

    Yup... all about Love and Respect eh Hant's County! You know nothing of Love, Trust, Loyalty, or Respect! You are nothing!


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