Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Surrey Shirts banned from Surrey Place Mall

Here we go again. The City of Surrey threatened to sue the owner of the Surrey Shirts web site for his satire shirts about Surrey over copyright violation. Then the lawyer for Surrey First said they were not taking him to court they just sent him a letter objecting to his shirts. Now all of a sudden they’ve been banned from Surrey Place Mall.

After getting all the media exposure they started selling the shirts at a kiosk in the Mall. Now they’ve been banned and are no longer for sale there. “It’s not a ban,” Laura Ballance, a spokeswoman for the mall, said. “They talked to the retailer and they agreed to remove the merchandise." Oh really. Who is they?

Pitcairn was also denied a table by the Cloverdale Sunday market “We’re concerned that Surrey Shirts has been blacklisted from public events and effectively banned from the city of Surrey,” Pitcairn said. But a City of Surrey spokeswoman said that’s not true. “No city staff member has had any contact with any retailer, mall or market regarding his clothing,” Tara Foslien said.

Stop lying! None of us are that stupid. Laura Ballance represents Dianne Watts. She is Godzilla’s media spin doctor. Another wannabe Matt Wilcox. Laura Ballance also represents the self indulgent Mayors council as well as the City of Surrey. It is clear that the city of Surrey bullied the Mall and are now lying about doing so. Again.

It’s fine to say Surrey had a bad reputation but we are tying to change that but denying free speech and suppressing crime statistics is wrong. Especially when you have this ridiculous political agenda. We have already seen the results of Marvin Hunt and the former Mayor of Langley high jacking the BC Liberal candidacy for MLA’s in Surrey. They skipped the nomination and election procedure, then demanded Christy Clark resign. Clearly the City of Surrey’s bullying has extended into Provincial politics. “We’ll bully Surrey First, then the entire Province.”

Corporations can threaten to withdraw media advertizing dollars but consumers can withdraw their business. That is supply and demand in a Free Market. It’s time we boycott Surrey Place Mall and the Cloverdale Sunday market until they rescind their decision to heed Godzilla’s bullying. You can still buy your Surrey Shirts online. It is lawful to wear them.


  1. "Homicide investigators have located two more bodies on Colebrook Road in Surrey this morning. This makes four bodies found along this rural Surrey road in the past six weeks."

    http://tinyurl.com/bl7rw32 (CTV)

    The problem is, that this years' Surrey murder-rate fully justifies its old reputation...

  2. Colebrook road again? Jokes about that being Surrey's new dump aren’t really funny any more. That's terrible. A continuation of the old reputation is my concern. Encouraging people to live here is good but suppressing crime stats isn’t. This year has the most gun related homicides so far for Surrey that I know of.

    1. RE: "Jokes about that being Surrey's new dump aren’t really funny any more".

      The Province headline for March 14. DEAD END ROAD

    2. Yeah I saw that today. Pretty messed up.

  3. One body found in the "exact same place"....in Colebrook Road...

    Surely, the RCMP may be thinking that one or more serial killers are now @ work....Surely one of the killers MUST be the same person, for more than one of these killings...

    Thanks for the hat tip...

  4. I would not be surprised that if the truth could be known, we would find that there are as many serial killers in BC per capita as any other State or Province in North America. I think by definition you would only have to kill 3 or more for that label to apply. As far as the numbers go, what is the actual clearance rate on homicides in BC? IIRC there are a LOT of unsolved confirmed homicides and a whole bunch of "disappeared and never seen since" cases as well.

    I am not suggesting that the police could, by doing a few things differently, change that all around. After all, you have to have somewhere to begin to do an investigation and sometimes there's just nothing there. But to act like there's no serial killers out there when basic circumstances and numbers suggest to the dimmest bulb that this may be the case makes them look stupid.

  5. TR78: "I think by definition you would only have to kill 3 or more for that label to apply."

    Yes, I was wondering what constitutes a *serial* killer...Two seems too little, but if one's killed three, that appellation does make sense, no...?

    "...suggest to the dimmest bulb .."

    Heh...I hope that's not myself you're referring to...

    1. Not at all, speaking of investigators who don't want to consider the possibility. You examples below are a good expansion of what I was trying to say, organized crime hit men are really little different than the ones who do it only for personal reasons except they've found a way to benefit financially from their actions in addition to that.

  6. All the shootings so far in Surrey this year appear to be drug and gang related. Anything is possible but talking about a serial killer is a bit premature. Unless you are referring to a debt collector and hit man for the Hells Angels as a serial killer because they have killed numerous contracts.

  7. AK: " ...hit man for the Hells Angels as a serial killer ..."

    Yes, that's exactly what I meant; why are people like Mafia's Carmine Galante (80 murders) or an HA guy back east (22 murders); does not in the public's eye seem to equate to Ted Bundy or Manson.

    Or Clifford Olsen.

    For reasons I don't get.

  8. Dont forget Apache from the HA. Man had 49 bodies on him that he admitted to.

  9. Good point. However, the club was the one that contracted all those murders. In fact when you start lining up Hells Angel hit men and start counting the number of murders they have contracted it's clear that the HAs themselves are serial killers.


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