Friday, March 22, 2013

Prince George Sexual Assault Trial

With regards to the brutal sexual assault in Prince George it appears the two adults charged in that horrific offense, Hayden Alwood and Mercedes Jewett, made their first appearance on March 6 2013. They are scheduled to make an appearance on April 3rd 2013 to consult council. However, they are scheduled on March 28 2013 for a Judicial Interim Release.

BTW if this case has nothing to do with drugs, why is Mercedes posing in a PG crack house?

How does Glen Jame Louis supplement his income? Does he rap for the IS?

Surely Glen isn't collecting money from young kids who haven't paid their rap concert tickets. Glen raps with the co accused. Why did he write a song about freeing his "family?" I.E. Hayden, Mercedes and his rap partner. Of course he says f the police. Pretty pathetic when he supports deranged thugs who sodomized his own uncle. This guy needs some professional help. Glen and his partner have another song that says f school I wanna be a drug dealer. Imagine that. They even say don’t pay up and you’re better off dead. He claims he sells cocaine in the song.

They're all tied to the Predator Kitt Alwood and her new label the Urban Underground.

Why is one of the accused who wrote a song claiming he wants to be a drug dealer and sells cocaine partying with a T-shirt on that says Free Emcee Dusty? That's Boo's brother. He was involved with Scott Payne who cut off a guy's fingers for a $170.00 drug debts owed to the Crew.

Why was one of the accused who was released joking about sodomizing a cat on Facebook? In the Free Hayden and Mercedes song, Glen Louis claims one plead guilty so the others three should go free. He's coaching them through his music. He's telling them how to plead. He's trying to bully one of the younger ones they used to take the fall for him and the others. When is he going to start taking responsibility for his own life and stop bullying younger kids to commit his deranged acts for him? Glen's facebook says he works at the Urban Underground.

Group Homes

What this case does do is shed light on the complete failure of social services. Most of these kids involved in this horrific offense were in the care of or just graduated from the care of social services. They were raised in group homes without consequences. They can’t even force the kids to go to school. Glen is just “graduating” from the program because he has turned 18. He leaves the program with a grade 8 education. How has that prepared him for the real world? What did he do for all those years when everyone else was going to school? Pick up a trade? Nope. He was taught to become a bully and a predator because he is bigger and fatter that other kids his age.

Mercedes was raised in group homes run by the Ministry. After she turned 18 they set her up in her own apartment where this offense is alleged to have been committed. She had a baby. The Ministry took that baby away because they felt she was an unfit mother. Whose fault is that? The ministry raised her. Hayden was raised in group homes run by the Ministry. Social Services must have thought there was some concern about his mother who is now a child predator indoctrinating kids into the gang banger lifestyle.

Life is all about consequences. We make choices and good or bad we live with the consequences of those choices. Raising kids without consequences is child abuse. It leaves them totally unprepared for the real world. All we are doing is raising a bunch of spoilt brats. Even worse, we are paying to make them vulnerable to the gangs and become criminals and predators.

You don’t even have to be from a bad home to end up in a group home. Years ago I had a friend who got in a fight with her daughter because she came home late from a party. The kid ran off to social services to save her. While in the care of the ministry, the kid attended a house wrecking party that was in the paper. I gave that information to my friend’s lawyer when the mother was fighting to get her daughter back. The judge said the lawyer presented a very compelling case. No doubt. If kids don’t want to live with rules they can run off to Social Services who then enables them to go to parties and take drugs.

Ministry criminally liable in Prince George rape.


  1. If Glen Louis is coaching these people can he not be held responsible for this?

  2. One would hope so. I suppose that would depend on whether or not anyone is willing to testify.

  3. I beg your pardon. Mercedes was brought up by her grandmother , then her Mother , then her Father and finally by Social Services. This is utter baloney.

  4. I beg your pardon. Mercedes was brought up by Mother, then Grandparents, then her father and stepmother, then her Mother again . She was not in "they sytstem" long enough to blame them. She will answer for her own actions.

  5. I RAT OUT Mercedes Jewitt. There is absolutely no reason for her to hide behind the short time she was "in the system". Plus she was of age. She KNEW what she was doing.

  6. Oh but she is in the system. Who do you think is paying for her apartment? All of the kids accused in this assault were living in group homes at the time. That means the group homes which refuse to enforce consequences are criminally liable just like their parents would be if they were living at home. Glen was raised in group homes that let him drop out of school in grade 8 and they never made him attend school throughout his entire adolescence. Leaving that system with a grade 8 education and no consequences has prepared him to be nothing but a drug dealer and debt collector.

  7. you cant make someone go to school agent K

    1. Actually you can...... ;)

      Not the way it's done around there, but trust me, it can be done.....

  8. No but you can teach a child consequences. If you don’t go to school you aren’t allowed to stay out all night smoking crack. It behooves every responsible parent to encourage their kids to go to school. Group homes telling kids they don’t have to live in their own home with rules they can live there without rules is criminally negligent.


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