Friday, March 1, 2013

Vancouver New Zealand Crystal Meth Ring busted

6.6 kilograms of crystal meth has been seized in a drug smuggling ring linking Vancouver and New Zealand. One known gang member has been arrested in the sweep. BC gangs have been known for exporting their mad harsh hydroponic growing skills to New Zealand for their grow ops since 2007. A New Zealand Herald report in 2009 called meth “New Zealand’s worst drug problem,” and one that has spurred a corresponding crime wave. Crystal meth is not speed. It’s made with Drano and eats you alive worse than crack does.

[Scathed] and [Not a Game] Crystal meth videos by the Odd Squad.

Former Amerca's Next Top Model star Jael Strauss became a crystal meth addict.


  1. Holy FUCK is that anyone thinking of doing meth, just shoot yourself in the head. As long as you get it right, it will be a lot quicker and less painful, and at least you'll die with your dignity, which I guarantee you that you won't have after you've done even half of what meth and crack heads do to feed their addictions.

    I'll bet this girl is miserable, ashamed, and wishes she was dead. Meth cooks and dealers should be executed.

    All that said, models are screwed up in the head to begin with.

  2. "Breaking Bad" and the collapsing taboo around hard drugs."

    "The premise of "Breaking Bad" (Shaw Ch. 53, AMC's top-rated TV show) is that Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher, is diagnosed with cancer. Overcome with rage, he decides to raise money for his family by manufacturing crystal meth – the most evil recreational drug ever invented."

    "Crystal meth is smokeable methamphetamine, which produces a hit that makes a line of Bolivian marching powder seem like a sugar rush from a boiled sweet. It rots teeth so badly that junior hipsters look like tramps without their dentures; addicts moan for hours about imaginary bugs crawling under their skin. A close American friend of mine fell prey to this poison and only just escaped with his life."

    "Breaking Bad" unintentionally normalises the consumption of what were once specialised drugs...."

    "... but school as well as university students are confronted by an array of mood-altering goodies ranging from over-the-counter painkillers (a couple of Nurofen Plus can deliver a nifty codeine kick) to cocaine, never more than half an hour away thanks to satnav-equipped dealers." (Telegraph)

    Oddly, I think it was both the normalization of Ecstasy AND prescription drug use (So many pills for sale...) that made the lines blurr-ier...


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