Friday, March 8, 2013

Former Mountie is being censored

CBC is reporting that: "A veteran RCMP officer who was scheduled to testify before a House of Commons committee investigating harassment within the force says she's being censored and excluded after submitting her speaking notes.

Krista Carle said Friday she was shocked when Conservative members of the House of Commons standing committee on the status of women cancelled her appearance yesterday on Parliament Hill, shortly after she submitted her speaking notes to the committee 36 hours before hand, as required." What a disrespectful way to celebrate international woman's day. With more censorship and denial.

"Yesterday, only one former Mountie, who is not currently involved in any litigation against the RCMP, got to tell the committee about her years of working under a male boss at the RCMP."


  1. AK, there's a bad poster @ Real Scoop; using your nick, *Agent K*, with all gang-support posts, he's attacking you this way deliberately.

    There are just dozens of Agent K posts, I hope Kim knows it ain't you.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I've never posted there as Agent K only Tom Jones and I very rarely post there. I know Kim sounded pretty choked when someone started posting as Kim Bolan on there once, understandable so.

  2. "She submitted her speaking notes to the committee 36 hours before hand, as required."

    ROFLMAO, could their intent to control what is said be any more obvious? What possible other purpose could their be to requiring this?

    She should have lied about what she intended to say, then sandbagged them. That's how you fight treacherous scum like this, you don't play by the rules they try to hamstring you with.

    She needs to turn over what she was going to say to a newspaper or post it online so we can see what they didn't want anyone to hear.

  3. Oh no, who listens to these freaks...?

    "Rap group hits Surrey."

    "Rap/hip hop band The Swollen Members will be in Surrey next week to as part of cross-Canada tour highlighting their new album, Beautiful Death Machine." (SurreyLeader)

    Who could they be referring to with the album's Title, I say it is an open tribute to big red...


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