Thursday, March 14, 2013

Catching up

Once again there are several stories to catch up on. The police have released the id of the latest victims found dead on Colebrook road early Wednesday morning and are reporting that they were both likely shot in the location they were found at. I’ll post updates on that thread.

Lots of gang trials coming up. I want to read up on this gang related kidnapping trial where the witness is refusing to testify out of fear of reprisal. It’s hard to keep track of all the gang related kidnappings but I think it’s important to mention it. More news of Hells Angels being charged with drug related violence in the States as well.

Most importantly is the front page of today’s Surrey Leader. They highlight Janice Shore and Bryan Bylo as two people with mental illness that the system failed. It’s an interesting comparison since one was a victim of crime and the other was involved with crime yet I think it’s worth looking at. My follow up is going to be on the predatory nature of the heartless drug dealers that exploit people with mental illness by giving them free drugs then beating the life out of them for payment.

We hear the word rat used a lot in the criminal world when referring to someone who reports a criminal to the police. Yet there is nothing more low life than a drug dealer who preys on the mentally ill. The system has failed these victims because they stand by and let the drug dealers sell hard drugs to them in public. They even encourage it with their insanely twisted definition of Harm Reduction. We need to spotlight the predatory nature of these drug dealers that exploit the mentally ill as well as the local drug lords driving around in their SUV’s paid for with blood money and the corrupt politicians that accept campaign contributions from the businesses that launder drug money. That is something we need to examine.


  1. The "war on drugs" is a failure. I think pot should be treated the same as alcohol and sold in select liquor stores. Hard drugs giving out to drug addicts by doctors.

    But there is big money involved when drugs are illegal, RCMP probably could be cut in half. Big money for lawyers and prisons. Even the Canadian Navy tried to get their hand in their cookie jar when they wanted some nuke subs and mentioned they would be good for catching drug smugglers.

  2. Legalizing crack or crystal meth is irresponsible. The war on drugs is a failure because we’re not fighting it. We’re lettering them sell crack in public. That is our failure.

    1. Legalizing cocaine would be the same as legalizing crack's not like no one knows how to make one from the other, there's probably a vid on Youtube....Meth, same thing, when it's at the level where a user can make their own in a 2 liter pop bottle you have to understand there's no way to control the user level.....

      They need to focus on traffickers and dealers.

      At some point it needs to be understood that you cannot control people. Laws only dissuade those already inclined to obey them. Users are in the grip of something more powerful than fear of arrest, and real criminals don;t care about laws to begin with, that's why they have guns. That's why more gun laws never have any effect, and yet morons think that the problem is only that they have not yet gone far enough.

      To think that criminals are selective about what laws they are willing to break is rank stupidity, "gangsters" who have publicly declared themselves outlaws even more so. Which part about what they are telling us don't people understand?

      The only thing that they fear is long incarceration, and some not even that. Canada doesn't really do long period stuff anyway, so that's a moot point.

      John Punko would have been doing 40-50 years down south for the amounts he was caught with, in Canada it's single digits. For the cold blooded disregard for other human beings and the number of lives that amount of coke and meth would have destroyed, a just and moral sentence would have been execution.

  3. Everywhere one looks, the Mirhadi kidnapping case, the ongoing Hells' SharQ investigation charges, the Surrey 6 trial, in every case there is some form of publication ban. an ordinary citizen is just locked out, with NO info. on ongoing gang activity; even in his own neighborhood...

  4. "Hundreds of police raid Sydney bikies."

    "Heavily armed police have raided a number of properties across Sydney as part of a co-ordinated hit on bikies and their gun and drug networks."

    "Shortly after 6am, hundreds of police raided at least four properties, in the CBD and Sydney's west, linked to the Hells Angels and Comanchero bikie gangs."

    "A number of people, believed to be senior members of those clubs, are in custody."

    "Police said raids were also carried out north and south of Sydney. Properties in Wollongong are believed to have been raided."

    "Police said the raids were part of a long-running investigation into the supply of firearms and drugs to organised crime groups." (SydneyMorningNews)


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