Sunday, March 10, 2013

Skytrain to Langley is not fiscally responsible

This mayor’s council is the perfect example of everything that’s wrong with politics in North America. The right has become consumed with pork barrel politics. Politicians make all these ridiculous promises they can’t afford, then go into debt trying to buy the voters that elected them. Instead of people electing someone with the mindset what will they spend on us, we should be electing candidates who stop the insanity of pork barrel politics and start acting fiscally responsible.

The right always screams the left will tax and spend but they are doing the exact same thing they accuse the left of. Only they’re worse because instead of spending it on the elderly and the homeless they are spending it on themselves and the dirty developers that elected them.

One minute this wasteful mayors’ council screams poverty asking for a regional sales tax so they have a budget to spend giving them a reason to exist. They rationalize it by claiming Translink is over budget and needs money. They try to sell it by claiming we need to get rid of transit police to help Skytrain balance their budget. Then at the exact same time they say we need to spend another $2.22 billion we don’t have to extend skytrain to Langley. That is insane.

Langley doesn’t need skytrain. Skytrain and subways are for urban areas not rural areas. A stop and go skytrain with no express routes would be a painful experience not to mention insanely costly. What we do need is a bus route from Walnut Grove to Vancouver. That is what we do need. What we need is for the bus route from Walnut Grove to Vancouver to stop at Guildford on it’s way over the Port Mann Bridge to Vancouver. That is what we do need. Instead they tell us they refuse to supply that demand and force everyone to take the ridiculous bus and stop and go skytrain journey into Vancouver which is simply painful.

The Fraser Institute is not conservative. Their obsession with promoting the BC Liberals despite scandal after scandal is astounding. The BC Liberals are the most corrupt political organization in Canadian history. The recent Surrey high jacking is another example of how nothing has changed and that Christy Clark is the least of their problems. Godzilla is just an extension of those problems.

They are still using the fear mongering in the media to promote their self serving corruption. Look at the polls they say. If we don’t do something Adrian Dix and the NDP will get elected. So they keep poring on the propaganda trying to sell us some swamp land in Florida promoting the BC Liberals when the voters already know better. It’s not a matter of the BC Liberals or the NDP. There are other choices. There is a reason they aren’t endorsing John Cummings and the BC Conservatives. It’s because John Cummins is a conservative and they are not. They support tax and spend pork barrel politics and John Cummins doesn’t. That is why they don’t endorse him they keep endorsing Gordon Campbell rejects instead.

What we are seeing isn’t a drive to promote business and a strong economy. We are seeing political corruption that uses fiscal irresponsibility to brainwash voters through tax paid advertizing trying to sell them a bad deal. A strong economy is good. Yet bad business does not support a strong economy. Bad business is what Catherine Austin Fitts describes as the tapeworm economy that feeds off taxpayers like a parasite.

I’m glad the politically corrupt BC Liberals have stopped trying to infect the BC Conservatives. We just need to remember that there are more than two choices this election and voting for the greater evil because we are afraid of the NDP is not responsible. The vice president of the Surrey Tynehead Liberals just resigned because of yet another scandal tied to Surrey First and the Blue Oyster Cult. He said that BC Liberals are fed up with scandal after scandal and admits that the current BC Liberals are worse than any NDP government we’ve ever had. Many are starting to believe that a NDP government couldn't be any worse and they are absolutely right. Yet there is so much good that we can do when we stop believing the fiscally irresponsible propaganda and start using our brain and thinking for ourselves.


  1. This is an excellent argument to move ALL the UBC campus to Surrey for so many obvious reasons; pls. take a look:

    "Move UBC to Surrey to solve Broadway corridor congestion." (VSun)

  2. AK: "Godzilla is just an extension of those problems."

    You manage to keep forgetting that Godzilla is where she is, because literally EVERY single voting person in Surrey voted FOR her! What part of that can you not understand? 87% of all votes is so incredible, it reminds us historians of the fake, Communist vote-tallies in the Communist era.

    Please to understand; that she is immensely popular; and there fore has the RIGHT to govern Surrey AND to speak for almost every one of its citizens.

    She's NOT Godzilla from a cheap movie. She's more like Abraham Lincoln. A great, very, very popular democratic Leader of everyone...

    1. You seem to forget that Gordon Campbell got where he was by being elected by a majority of voter. In time the voters saw through him. I am not the only person that said all the mayors on the mayors’ council that support a regional sales tax should be fired. That was another editorial in the Vancouver Province. Even if I was the only person on the planet who felt this way, I would still have a right to say so. Clearly, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

      Abraham Lincoln OMG that is Blue Oyster Cult. No need to discuss this any further. We disagree. She was caught read handed LYING in the Surrey Leader. That is not something Abraham Lincoln would do. The money laundering for dirty developers that contributed to Gordon Campbell’s Liberals in the Campbell Heights Industrial Park is a misappropriation of public funds. Period.

  3. AK: "The BC Liberals are the most corrupt political organization in Canadian history."

    No, wrong, the province of Quebec takes that Prize, if you follow the news of the Charboneau Commission out there; we know for DECADES the highest level of corruption, directly linked to the Rizzutos, is NOT here; but in Quebec. I thought everyone who studied Canada knew that. The ruling party is in collusion with Rizzutos, took a standard 5% cut off construction.

    1. I disagree. Montreal has it’s problems with construction corruption but Surrey is no different. The only difference is ours is “legal.” When all the land that was laundered for the dirty developers in Campbell Heights Industrial Park is finally sold off that comes to $2 billion. That is a huge amount of corruption.

  4. I wish that you would stop attacking the other Muni's. when advocating for Surrey. You complain about the vicious fighting for resources amongst the municipal Gov'ts., then you attack PoCo, Port Moody and now Langley. You need to make a clear argument for Surrey; without being blind to the fact that you are doing exactly what you criticize everyone else for!

    1. If you don’t like it then don’t read it. I’m not the only one that thinks the Mayors council and the GRVD is an extravagant waste of taxpayers money. That was yet another editorial as well as a letter from a former Socred MLA. Mayors are elected to govern their city. Not to suck up tax dollars trying to promote their political advancement in the Province.

  5. Everyone's got their partially in-house "think-tank", and so does the NDP. It's called "The Center For Policy Initiatives" or something like that, performing the exact same functions...

  6. Building a skytrain to Langley is fiscally irresponsible.


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