Saturday, October 27, 2018

World's Biggest Arms Dealers

Rachel Blevins on Why The U.S. Always Passes Its Military Budget During the Holidays

Love Money ran an interesting series itemizing the countries that make the most money from Arms sales. The Netherlands was up there. China was up there. Russia was up there but the United States was at the top of the list. They make the most money from arms sales.

Their biggest customer? Saudi Arabia who in turn supplies ISIS. Supporting the War on Terror is indeed big business. Just like in the movie Lord of War the United States is supplying both sides.

Last year, 58% of Israel's international arms sales were to countries in Asia, primarily India, which secured a $2 billion (£1.6bn) contract with IAI for the advanced Barak 8 air defense systems. That is something worth buying. Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system is defensive not offensive. It is the logical response to missile threats and bombers. Canada needs this system.

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