Thursday, October 25, 2018

Larry Amero's bail hearing resumes

Kim Bolan is reporting that Gumby's three day parole hearing has resumed on Wednesday and will conclude on Friday. Is he a risk to the public? Of course not. He's only a risk to himself. Is he a flight risk? Of course he is. Even more so than Skellator was. Gumby was charged with trafficking massive amounts of crystal meth precursors in Australia.

Perhaps granting him bail would be a good idea. It would certainly save tax payers a lot of money. Only don't give him 24 hour police protection like they did for the Bacon Brothers. Sometimes in life you have to step back and let natural justice take it's course.

Kim Reported that "Amero was seriously wounded in the Aug. 14, 2011, shooting in Kelowna that left Red Scorpion gangster Jonathan Bacon dead and Independent Soldier James Riach uninjured. At the time, The Vancouver Sun reported the trio had formed a new gang alliance called the Wolf Pack." Yes, at the time Kim did report that it was a new alliance but everyone knows it wasn't new so I have no idea why she keeps saying that.

Everyone knows that Larry Amero and Jonathon Bacon were close friends long before the Surrey Six. Kim Bolan herself reported that James Riach met with the Bacon Brothers at Castle fun Park when they were wearing Kevlar before the Surrey Six. James met with the Bacon brothers before the Surrey Six as a member of the Independent soldiers so saying it was a new alliance when they were shot in Kelowna is simply not true.

Kim finally admits that Larry and Jonathon were shot in Kelowna "after a weekend of boating and partying in the Okanagan city" which is consistent with what I previously reported. Their presence in Kelowna at that time was no secret. It was their coming out party. They were loud and proud running around like idiots on that ridiculous boat trying to pick fights with civilians. When the police said Shrader was the one that told the shooters Larry and Jonathon were in town, that was a bold faced like. THEIR witness did. Kim printing that lie, putting his life at risk under false pretense, was unethical. At least now we finally have the story straight.

To the ones that I care about I'm going to have to offer my sincere heartfelt apology but I do have to set the record straight. Larry Amero is a piece of garbage like unto Jonathon Bacon. The world is full of good and bad examples. Larry Amero is a bad example. He started off as a rich yuppie kid from the suburbs who stole things because he wanted to be cool. Then he became a low life drug dealer who was consumed with greed and paid for many murders in that industry.

Larry Amero was tied to the Surrey Six. Larry Amero was also tied to every murder Robby Alkhalil and Dean Wiwchar committed because Robby and Dean worked for Larry. Gumby is a suspect in Forrest Schab's murder. His parents must be so proud. I am not. There is nothing in that life that interests me. When it comes to Larry Amero, no respect no surrender. Bjorn Sylvest died of a drug over dose. The Hells Angels wanted their name on his tombstone but the family had to pay for the funeral. At least the UN bought their guys proper tombstones. Surrey Girls Suck.


  1. There was a time that the police would have stepped in and told these idiots to gtfo of town. The shooting was a result of the fear of dealing with this. “Let’s see how this plays out. “

  2. "Sometimes in life you have to step back and let natural justice take it's course."

    Absolutely....often it's the only justice that can be had.

  3. I am curious to see how this one will turn out. This has been a costly procedure for us taxpayers to have him extradited from east to west. Not only that his buddies are willing to roll on him for lighter sentences or so called deals ( freaky) these are barbaric savages.... seriously.. to add more insult to this dear mr Larry his own crew wants to devoured him so that they can take his place and make more money, now how messed up is that serious cut throat!
    Larry had a good paying job as a longshoreman working off the docks in North Vancouver but he shosed to a dark path what a shame.


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