Thursday, October 11, 2018

Sons of Vancouver Hells Angel assault cop, co accused gets hit by truck running from police

The Vice is reporting that "A man who allegedly assaulted a police officer after a routine traffic stop was hit by a truck as he attempted to sprint away." Ya gotta love natural justice.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that three punk ass b*tches were driving along Granville street which is closed to traffic. The police pull them over on Robson and the little sh*t stains pull the cop into the car and start punching him in the head. Then one of them runs away and gets smoked by a pickup. The video is awesome. Two of the three are Bryce's nephews. LOSERS.

They are sons of his half brother Lloyd Robinson who is a former HA and was one of the founding members of the East Vancouver Hells Angels. One of Ricky C's friends from Satan's Angels. Those dirt bags always were f*ck ups. This is why we need a Mollen Commission in BC. The BC Gang task force is compromised and let these little West Vancouver sh*t stains run around without any consequences whatsoever. Spare the rod yo.

So the compromised BC Gang Task force send out these press releases trashing the Hells Angels collectively but when is the last time they ever attempted to do a drug bust involving the Hells Angels? That was back in the Summer of 2012 at the Kelowna Summer Jam. After they did such a great job the Christy Clark government disbanded the OMGU. Ever since then the BC Gang Task Force has been compromised just like the EPS. That's why we need a Mollen Commission. The sh*t I could tell you they are doing is so bizarre you simply wouldn't believe it.

Documentary on New York Cop Corruption in the /80's


  1. LMAO, karma (truckma?) coming 'round quick and hard....

    Too bad they didn't get shot, but I guess that might be deemed excessive up there....however I would point out that the standard for use of deadly force is actually pretty similar since the root of both countries legal systems is British Common Law, you or someone else has to be "at risk of death or grievous bodily harm". They don't technically have to have a weapon, and all that's required is that the person who uses deadly force needs to be able to articulate why they did so, and their actions need to be deemed reasonable, also referred to as the "reasonable man" standard, ie. what would an average, reasonable person do given "the totality of circumstance"? Outnumbered, half dragged into the vehicle (professional "fail" on the officer's part) well on his way to grievous bodily harm, and with his weapon at risk of being obtained by any of the three... time for his partner to bust some caps.

    "You kicked him"...."She pushed me"......they are allowed to attack anyone they want but if anyone returns the favor, all of a sudden they are the victims. What they are is little bitches who probably think they'll get a patch out of the deal.

    1. Canada and the US are two opposite extremes. Assaulting a police officer is serious. In the US they would get shot dead. Here they don't even go to jail. There is no justice on either side of the spectrum.

      John McKay would have been do I want to fight you? Yes I do. Don't complain when I kick your ass because you asked me for a fight and I said yes. That means you can't charge me for assault.

    2. You're right! There is nothing good about these little Thugs! Police were totally in the right. Anyone who supports these guys are nuts. Good restraint on the VPD. Different story if it was down South...

    3. ugh! the guy taking the video was such a goof. I was embarrassed for him.

  2. You got this one all wrong, these cops are the shit stains , take a look at the video and forget who the kids are, while Im no fan of thugs it applies equally to thug cops.

    1. BULLSH*T! That is the exact kind of delusional blindness that fosters that kind of millennial trash. I watched the video. The cops are not the ones in the wrong here. The punk ass b*tches are. They were pulled over for being dicks and they pull the cop into the car and start punching him in the head. That was bullsh*t.

      Aside from that, it's impossible to forget who's kids they are because they keep reminding us everywhere they go like it was supposed to matter when it doesn't.

      I know a couple of guys that work the door in clubs on Granville. These are the little sh*t stains that go in there to cause trouble and then when the bouncer censors them they start yelling don't you know who I am? and start showing gang tats. Those kind of f*ck ups will get you all banned through bar watch.

      Do I know who they are? Yeah I know who they are. They're a couple of sh*t stains that brag about being the sons of skid marks. They are worthless losers that deserve to get their ass kicked. Just sayn.

    2. From my perspective a 20 year old is just a kid. They're younger and a lot more immature than my kids. Tragically their parents probably never grew up either.


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