Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fatal motorcycle accident in Abbotsford

The Abbotsford News is reporting that "A 37-year-old motorcycle driver died of his injuries after a crash with a pickup truck at Sumas Way and Marshall Road on Friday afternoon." He wore a beanie helmet. Those novelty helmets aren't so funny when you get in an accident. I'm sure some would argue that he would have survived if he was wearing a real helmet. Others would counter that he would have been brain dead so it would have been pointless. I can't stand full face helmets myself but I do wear a proper half helmet with a snell rating. That's my personal choice.

Update: The Abbotsford News is reporting that the name of the motorcyclist killed was Larry Nizio. "The collision took place just after 4:30 p.m. Police say both Nizio and the driver of the pickup were travelling south on Sumas Way and making a left turn onto Marshall Road when the crash took place in the intersection. The crash is still under investigation, and police say it will take some time to sort out all the circumstances, as they have received conflicting reports about what occurred." That's because some people who weren't there are lying and making things up.

One doesn't simply fall over after starting off from a red light. If you are cornering on water, ice or gravel you can go down but not starting straight on a sunny afternoon. If someone had tipped over after starting off at a red light, the pick up truck would have had time to stop not run right over them. There are other inconsistencies that are also under investigation.

Any death is tragic especially when young kids are involved. This is a video tribute the family made for him. Everything can change in a New York minute. Peace.


  1. One guy on the website you linked stated:

    "Wasn't the motorcycle riders fault at all. He was about to take off from the light when he went forward a bit and tipped over and fell, the guy behind him just drove over him.. but who wants to hear the truth."

    I was not there nor privy to what happened, but if this was the case, I am not sure if any helmet would have helped.

    Some beanie's are DOT, ANSI and Snell rated. Some are not. You do get what you pay for (most of the time).

    An interesting statistic to note is in US states that have no helmet laws, the accident rates and fatality rates of accidents are notably lower than in those with helmet laws.

    1. Yeah someone on the internet said that's what happened. How often does someone start riding their motorcycle then simply tip over? I highly doubt that troll was there.

      When I say beanie I'm referring to the cheap novelty helmets that are not Snell rated. I have a half helmet with the ears exposed and are just covered by leather. It is Snell rated. I would not define that as a beanie. In any accident a Snell rated helmet is better than a novelty helmet. One would save a life. The other would not.

  2. But what about the Sikh Riders??? In Alberta they can ride without a helmet. Do they have a special contract to survive smacking their heads? Ultimately, it should be a Rider's Choice as to wear ANYTHING or NOTHING on their heads. Sometimes no amount of helmet will protect you. It's a Gamble...Sometimes Ya' Lose.

    1. It is a rider's choice. This rider chose a novelty helmet and suffered the natural consequences of that choice. Turbans have more padding than a novelty helmet. Some wear no lid. Even if there was no helmet law I'd still wear a lid. It's more important than wearing steel toes at work. That's my choice. However, that is simply untrue that there is any time when no helmet is better in an accident.


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