Saturday, October 27, 2018

No Surrender founder gets six years in prison

TBM Scandenavia is reporting that "The court in Breda sentenced Klaas Otto (link is external), founder of outlaw motorcycle gang No Surrender, to six years in prison on Thursday. He was found guilty of extortion, assaulting and threatening two car dealers, and laundering 1.3 million euros, NOS reports." This is concerning.

"The court was appalled by the violent crimes Otto was charged with. "He forced his victims with brute force to give him large amounts of money and vehicles. One of the victims was beaten with a cane, locked in a cage and threatened with the rape of his wife by members of the defendant's motorcycle club", the court said. "Another victim sustained permanent injury in an assault and was told that the ears of his children would be cut off."

If you want to leave the life, then leave the life. A lot of old men go through this bizarre identity crisis where they have a burning desire to be someone people respect. Some confuse fear with respect. There is nothing noble or respectable about extortion. There is nothing noble or respectable about theft. There is nothing noble or respectable about gang raping someones wife or cutting someones kids ears off. That is bottom of the barrel sleaze bag.

That is not old school. That is a f*ck up. The Devil's Rejects on Vancouver Island, they are complete f*ck ups. This recent news about the No Surrender crew in Holland is very concerning given the fact that Rock Machine Norway patched over to No Surrender Crew.

This brings us back to Walter Stadnick the small man Anglophone f*ck up from Ontario politicking for Mom Boucher the rapist over in Montreal. Now I have love for Montreal. I have love for Trois Riviere but I have no love for Walter Stadnick or Mom Boucher. There is nothing noble about rape. In BC we are told that rape is against the rules. Evidently not. Walter Stadnick is a piece of garbage because he is a snake in the grass. He's a dirty politician. The French aren't like that. He is not French. Walter Stadnick has not left the life. He is not a role model. He is just another f*ck up like Larry Amero. They're a dime a dozen.

I keep reiterating that I was never a part of that life and I never wanted to be. Idolizing f*ck ups is deranged. Y'all need some time with Dr Phil because there is something missing in your DNA. Ya got no balls. They're not real. They're fake. You are synthetic. You need to grow up.


  1. Yo Blaze, is that all you got? It sure ain't much. Nobody even saw it because you just don't mater. Fly sh* Forever, Forever Fly sh*t. It sucks to be you. How does it feel to suck PoPo cock anyways? Wait a sec, don't answer that. I really don't want to know:

  2. If I was never in New York then how the f*ck did my picture get in Lisa Sliwa's book on page 74 and 75? You can see it right there online:

    Click on the cover then click through until the 8th picture. Reggie is the brother with the dew rag in the top three pictures and I'm the ugly white guy in the bottom three pictures.

    It's really easy to tell the difference between you and Daryl. You're both compulsive liars but Daryl is a smarter liar. Your lies don't even make sense. Stay on the Dirty where you belong fly sh*t. I'm still here doing the MC Hammer because you can't touch this.

  3. I don't know if Blaze is posting from prison or if he never went to prison but I do know that is Blaze.


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