Monday, October 29, 2018

RMMC World Drama

Social media is turning parts of the MC world into a circus side show of drama. TBM Scandinavia sent me a couple links to some recent articles and I have to say wow. There appears to be some bickering between the new President of Rock Machine Europe and the old one who patched over to the No Surrender MC in Norway. TBM Scandinavia is reporting that Suat Erkose, the new president of Rock Machine Europe is claiming that Terje Østby, the former president of Rock Machine Europe, is trying to sell Suat out for a murder he hasn't even been charged with.

I assume he is referring to the murder of a Bandidos prospect in Norway back in 2017. As evidence Suat posts a screen shot of a text message he claims Terje sent a female who said I didn't order the murder Suat did. By posting this information publicly Suat has just implicated himself in that murder. He's trying to say Terje ratted him out.

Perhaps Terje has good reason for doing so. After that murder RM Norway patched over to No Surrender MC. I might add that No Surender Norway is affiliated with Henk Kuipers not Klaes Otto. Henk Kuipers is a friend of Michael Green. Klaas Otto was the one sentenced for some really bizarre extortion threats. That has nothing to do with Michael, Henk or No Surrender MC Norway. Bandidos and RM normally get a long. Killing a Bandidos prospect because he trash talked the RM on facebook is really dumb. There is no honour in it.

Having said that, Suat Erkose appears to be the subject of many complaints. Harley Liberty claims he was selling patches online. Other sites claim he is a former cop and is originally from Turkey not Germany. RM Australia seem to have some concerns about him as well.

I have respect for Norway. In Ireland I had a good from from Norway who served in the military. He was loyal and trustworthy. RM was originally from Canada and then went international. RM was notorious in Quebec. I use that term because they were. They waged war with the HAs in Quebec for a generation. That RM was basically disbanded when the founding members patched over to HAs after the Bandido massacre in Canada. RM Canada was going to merge with the Bandidos but after the massacre they said no thanks and merged with the HAs instead.

Sean Brown tweaked the logo and restarted it basically starting a new MC using the name and former logo. The original logo was a yellow eagle's head. Sean kept the same logo he just made it white instead of yellow. The new kids on the block kicked Sean out because they wanted to be a gang not a MC and Sean didn't want to war with the HAs any more. The new Rock Machine is basically a new MC using the old name. Rock Machine Australia seem to be solid. I don't know what's up with Suat Erkose. History will judge him not me.

There are also some articles about the Kinfolk MC in the US. TBM Scandinavia is reporting a former Kinfolk member said "A year ago I was part of a well established club, I could see what the club was becoming, I watched Brothers make false accusations against each other and use fallen Brothers to step on to make that next rung on the ladder. I had been talking to Kinfolk MC about things before I left. I had Brothers that were put out bad standing for bullshit reasons that you would not believe! But THEY were my Brothers not the piece of cloth they wore!"

After he left the club the cops showed up at his door and showed him text messages from his former club putting him out in bad. The cops were trying to use that betrayal to get information about the club from him. He didn't give the cops any info he just left the life. That is what I am talking about. When I look at all that drama and betrayal all I have to say is, that ain't me.


  1. "When I look at all that drama and betrayal all I have to say is, that ain't me."
    I guess that's why you've never left Newton you clown.

    1. Ah Blaze, it's easy to tell that's you. After high school I spent 4 years traveling around the world. That was almost 30 years ago and no one cares. You're the only one obsessing over the claim that I never went to New York, Ireland or Israel.

      Anyone can visit any of those places any time and no one cares. I used to fly from Seattle to New York on Eastern Airlines for 99 bucks. Virgin had cheap flights from New York to London so it was all well within reach. New York has completely changed.

      I could find a copy of the certificate I got from Kibbutz Einat and there are pictures posted of me kissing the Blarney stone but I don't answer to you simply because you are a worthless piece of garbage.

      You were there when Joey Verma shot Britney Irving in the back. When you were charged with trafficking crystal meth you cooperated with the police to stay out of jail. You posting now shows the system is corrupt but it just doesn't matter because you don't matter.

  2. Let’s get this right after Joseph Strachan a.k.a. critical Jay got locked up for 8+ years Suat Pretty much made himself the world president Europe the world

    1. I'm not personally aware about what kind of connection there is and or was between RM Canada and RM Europe. I'll ask TBM.

  3. Suat is a joke . I was Rm when he faked a world vote and became poof world president . soon aftrr he made contact with anothsr fake jf emard together they tried to re establish rmmc canada and that turned out to be a complete fuck up soon after emard went live on tv and declared himself and his crew as motorcycle enthusiasts. its a news cast on Quebec tv . now 2018 i dont think canada has any members apart of suat . which is a great for them as all is said is true. thats for canada now aussie is on the right track just have to detach there charter from suat . thw rest i dont know but can see clearly therw bought in flakes of suats mailorder . the rest you can figure out if you want but thats what ill claimm .

    1. It's a cool logo. I like the platinum better than the gold. Sounds like the election of Suat should be challenged. It doesn't sound like he has the support of Canada or Australia. The latest I heard is that Dirk went to prison because of Suat.


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