Saturday, October 6, 2018

Doug Ford's carbon tax tour

Tweedle Dee visited Jason Kenney of the UPC in Alberta to rally opposition to the carbon tax. I didn't think he'd be visiting the wicked witch of the west on that visit. OK so let's put this into perspective. Green Justice opposes the carbon tax because it is just another tax grab. Politicians stay up late at night trying to think up new ways to tax people. Then some neocon had a brainstorm. We'll call it a carbon tax. That way all the environmentalists will support it. What a scam that is. Conning the people into supporting a rise in taxes. It's actually quite funny.

I don't share Jason Kenney's idol worship of Doug Ford but I do oppose the carbon tax. However, once again we need to use common sense to balance the extremes. Setting the hype aside, polluting the environment indiscriminately is not a good thing. Importing PCP to dump in Canada is not a good thing. Exporting coal out of the Surrey docks is not a good thing. Natural gas is cleaner burning than coal. That is common sense.

Recently Jason Kenney declared war on the green left and I want to make a call to order. You can declare war on the alt left and the alt right. I'm fine with that but don't declare war on the environment. Green Justice supports business. Sustainable business. Rachel Notley has come across to the rest of the world as a raging lunatic. She insists that she will pollute the entire planet and no one can stop her. Why don't you mine asbestos while you're at it. That's not very progressive thinking. Protecting the environment is like avoiding unnecessary debt. Justin Trudeau's unlimited credit card spending is not sustainable. Neither is excessive pollution.

I'm not saying everyone should ride their bicycles to work. Mayor Moonbeam's desire to ban all cars from Vancouver is insane. I'm saying we should strive for sustainability and strive to avoid excessive pollution wherever possible. Like I said, natural gas is better than coal.

Recently everyone is kissing each others ass over the decision to go ahead with LGN out of Kitimat. I'm kinda shocked. I support natural gas but they just announced that instead of twinning an existing pipeline they are going to cut a new pipeline through an old growth forest and all the environmentalists are cheering at their victory. Did I miss something?

If they are going to clear cut a new pipeline to Kitimat, they might as well twin it while they are at it. That would be cost effective. The problem with Kitimat was and is, navigating tankers in to that harbour. It's not a clear passage. They have to navigate numerous islands in the Douglas Channel. There are risks involved. Would that be better than increased tanker traffic in Vancouver? Perhaps. It's always a trade off. Just fix the price of gas in Vancouver.

I will say Kinder Morgan is better than Enbridge. Enbridge has a horrible reputation for leaking pipelines in the US. Kinder Morgan is owned by Texas. Enbridge is owned by Communist China. Do the math. Green Justice supports Jason Kenney over Rachel Notley. Let's just leave the alt right and the alt left behind so we can balance the extremes and find peace of mind with lower taxes for everyone that allows for a vibrant economy to prosper. Peace.

BTW Privatizing Hydro will not fix the problem. That's what caused the problem. Contracting in that work will fix the problem. It's got nothing to do with left or right. It's just common sense.

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