Thursday, October 11, 2018

Tom Gill passes when asked about crime in Surrey

Global is reporting that at the Sheraton's Mayors debate Tom Gill was asked: “What is your priority on crime and policing? Pass,” he answered. LOL I couldn't make this sh*t up. That guy is such a blundering idiot. After the debate he said it was because of his blood sugar. Let's be honest. It's because he is a complete idiot.

This is the guy that was sharing private text messages with the media from one of his former councilors trying to convince the world he kicked her out and that she didn't leave the party on her own accord. Real classy. This is why his own Surrey First former Councillors call him a child and left the party because they have no confidence in his leadership. Mike Smyth needs a new job.

Another fatal shooting within the south Asian community and Tom Gills answer is Pass. I think he needs to pass the gavel to someone else. Dianne Watts says there's only two choices for mayor, Tom Gill or Doug McCallum. I guess the answer is crystal clear then. Maybe Dianne Watts can get a job in Ottawa. I hear they'll believe anything out there.

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