Monday, October 15, 2018

George Christie joins the MobKing TV Series

Brodway World is reporting that "Former Hells Angel George Christie Joins Upcoming Series The MobKing. Christie will play the role of Alex Gus Ventura, former leader of a powerful Canadian outlaw motorcycle club, who develops a friendship with the main character, Florida mob figure Mike White (Ciro Dapagio)."

"In the series, Dapagio's character owns a gentlemen's club and is a partner in a new Indian casino, fighting to climb his way to the top of Miami's underworld, following a 19-year prison stint. Along the way, he confronts rival organized crime factions, drug cartels, outlaw bikers and law enforcement, all while dealing with the ordinary challenges of being a devoted father."

As we know George is the former president of the Ventura Hells Angels. He wrote a book Exile on Front Street about his story as well as a fictional novel called Marked: A Story of Lies, Loyalty, Betrayal & Brotherhood. He also put out a legendary DVD called The Last American Outlaw and took his story on the road in a one man play called Outlaw. George is solid.

Before George came on board the new TV series looked pretty lame. It looked like a low budget attempt to glorify the life. Now that George is on board hopefully the series will gain some realism and integrity that the other spin offs lack. Hopefully it will expose the fraud for what it is. There is no L&R in greed. Only in self respect which is not found anywhere in that life any more.

On a related note I will point out the obvious. S&M is not erotica. The deranged mob that thinks it is need to spend some time with Dr. Phil. Ending Sexual is reporting that "Fifty Shades is not a risqué, passionate romance. It is a story of sexual and domestic abuse."

Likewise Time Magazine reported that "Not everyone is eagerly anticipating the release of Fifty Shades of Grey. While some fans of E.L. James’ steamy novels are looking forward to seeing the graphic S&M scenes on the big screen, others are pre-emptively objecting to the glamorization of violence, especially violent sex. They’re trying to start a social-media movement to boycott the much anticipated movie, encouraging would-be moviegoers to donate money to domestic-violence victims instead." Healthy relationships are built upon mutual respect not physical abuse. Protecting women is erotic. Abusing them is not. Just sayn.

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  1. Sometimes I am not sure where some of this content comes from. Most likely behind-the-scenes conversations and real-life situations.

    I am not saying they are bad or even seemingly random as they are all connected in some sense.

    In a world where "freedom" is confused with license, the root word of "licentiousness", ever increasing and depraved (extreme) forms are the logical extension of this pursuit of attempted happiness and self-fulfilment.

    When a person's true meaning for existence is lost to them they attempt to make their own way. If you are given a false map or pretend you do not need one, you will never end up where you were supposed to be going.

    Deviant sexual practices are part of this. Not just part of a person who is lost but also a twisting of what is natural to entice people from that aforementioned path. Making money from such is only a further enticement to continue the promotion of such.


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