Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Brian Mulroney invests in legal pot

Why is this not surprising? CBC is reporting that "Former prime minister Brian Mulroney, whose government once introduced legislation to keep marijuana in the same legal category as heroin, hasn't merely become a born-again weed evangelical - he now says Canada is poised to influence the rest of the world to join the cannabis bandwagon."

The Star is reporting that "Former prime minister Brian Mulroney is joining the board of directors of an American cannabis company. Acreage Holdings, one of the largest vertically integrated cannabis companies in the U.S., says Mulroney will officially become a board member in November, when the company will list in the Canadian Securities Exchange."

Brian Mulroney's support of the drug trade is nothing new. He is from the Iran Contra era when Oliver North and the CIA were actively involved in cocaine trafficking which created the US crack epidemic. Lyin Brian's corruption was the reason the Reform Party was created. The Reform Party opposed Brian Mulroney's tax and spend pork barrel politics.

Stevie Cameron said it all in her book On The Take: Crime, Corruption And Greed In The Mulroney Years. "Stevie Cameron's stunning expose of greed and crime in the Mulroney era is a Canadian publishing phenomenon. The widespread corruption the public suspected during Brian Mulroney's regime is confirmed and detailed in this meticulous journalistic account. Now, with shocking new information from Tory insiders, On The Take is even more hard-hitting and revealing. This is compelling, gossipy, required reading for all Canadians."

Now we read that "Mulroney’s daughter, Caroline Mulroney, is the attorney general of Ontario and has been overseeing the legalization of marijuana in the province." This is so the cops and politicians can have a monopoly on the industry just like before.

I want to be clear about something. Now that recreation marijuana has been legalized, there is no such thing as illegal pot. The spin doctors still report that the police are clamping down on illegal pot. There is no such thing because pot has been legalized. What they are really saying is they are clamping down on their competitors to secure a monopoly on the drug trade. That is what they are saying. Andy Richards has no right to complain about the Hells Angels selling pot when he does so himself. That is a complete conflict of interest.

Two other points. If Doug McCallum doesn't want to issue pot permits in Surrey and the current city council agrees with him, then that is their right just like it is the right of any other elected city council. More importantly I want to address the issue of getting rid of the RCMP in Surrey.

Getting rid of the RCMP in Surrey really isn't a big deal and it most certainly isn't controversial. Vancouver has it's own police force. So does New Westminster and so does Delta. Surrey has a much larger population than Delta. Law enforcement continues to exist under those jurisdictions. Surrey is the largest city in Canada that doesn't have it's own police force. Forming it's own police force is a natural consequence of growth. There is no controversy in it.


  1. There's a reason the "pot" stocks have been falling.

    Also, one major development of this fiasco is the blackmarket "illegal" pot is going to grow exponentially. Organized crime is loving Trudeau's actions!



    So, there is no reason Trudeau can claim he did not know full well the black market and organized crime would actually thrive from his actions.

    Blackmarket pot will always be sold for cheaper than the federal approved stuff.

    1. I guess that's my point. If they are selling pot, it's not organized crime because pot is now legal. No one cares about black market cigarettes because that isn't killing anyone Fentanyl is. Obsessing over black market pot while ignoring Fentanyl is misguided.


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