Monday, October 29, 2018

Crystal Meth Epidemic in the Prairies

CBC is reporting that "Police are dealing with a prairie fire of methamphetamine use which is rapidly overtaking fentanyl as the drug of choice for many. So many people were dying on the fake fentanyl that there's a perception out there that meth is safer." OK is meth safer than fentanyl? Probably but crystal meth is a horrible drug. It's not speed, it's like speed but it's made with Drano. It eats you alive from the inside out. Which is per say better than dying instantly from a single dose like with fentanyl but it certainly is not good.

If there is a crystal meth epidemic in the Prairies then the Hells Angels are the prime suspects as to the ones supplying that drug. We remember when Ryan was cooking all that meth in Surrey for John Punko. Which leads us back to this mystery drug lab outside of Vernon that was most likely run by the Hells Angels. That could quite feasibly be the suppliers for the Crystal meth epidemic in the Prairies. They were loading an awful lot of 45 gallon drums on that flat deck. That was a major lab and the compromised RCMP's silence on it is very disturbing.

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  1. Everywhere in Canada that the HA have opened a chapter, drug related misery and death have followed. 20 years ago if you had ever told someone in Saskatoon that in the future there would be a gang called "The Terror Squad" selling drugs and causing mayhem on behalf of the HA, people would have looked at you like you had rocks in your head. Yet here we are....


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