Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Fall of the UFC

I wasn't going to comment on this but since I have been asked, I will state the obvious. Conor McGregor is a POS. He is an embarrassment to the Holy Land. His racist insults consistently cross the line. I have already stated that I will not watch him fight again. I stand by that statement. Dana White claims he is shocked and upset by the brawl after the match and that is a bold faced lie. If he didn't condone that kind of crap he wouldn't have let McGregor back. The whole BS brawl was a dirty scum bag's attempt at creating controversy for a rematch. I'm sorry but I'm not watching that either. The cheap trash is too much for me to stomach.

The Fall of the UFC and the rise of Bellator. Those aren't lightweights.


  1. You should of watched, it was very satisfying seeing Conor be completely mauled, helpless/ineffective, other than a bit of the 3rd.
    Too bad what happened after.

    1. My point is that he consistently makes racist statements that cross the line and are very inflammatory. It's like when Zidane gave Materazzi a headbutt. Everyone remembers the headbutt but they don't remember what Materazzi said to provoke the conflict. It's the same with McGregor here.

      They are trying to make Khabib out to be the bad guy when he's not to rationalize when McGregor attacked the bus. McGregor is the root of the problem and needs to be cut out. Ireland is better than that. Much better.

    2. Comments. There are many. He consistently makes them. One was when he referred to the brothers in Rocky as dancing monkeys.


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