Tuesday, December 27, 2016

NATO Auditor Who Discovered US Funds ISIS Found Dead

Your News Wire is reporting that Yves Chandelon, the Chief Auditor for NATO, was found dead of a suspicious suicide in the city of Andenne in the Belgian Ardennes. Right after he had discovered that the US was supotrting ISIS just like the TV Series American Odyssey.

NATO funding ISIS is nothing new. Russia was supporting Assad in Syria while the Americans and the Israelis were supporting ISIS and the Rebels. When British Weapons Inspector Dr. David Kelly blew the whistle on MI 6 for launching Operation Mass Appeal and intentionally sent the media false reports about Iraq's weapons of Mass Destruction he also died of a suspicious suicide just like Gary Webb and so many other whistleblowers.

Instead of arguing whether or not Gary Webb or the Chief Auditor for NATO committed suicide or was murdered, we need to focus on what information they brought to light that the CIA wanted hidden from the public. Watch the movie Kill the Messenger. Look into the facts surrounding American support of ISIS. Every time they kill a whistleblower we need to bring attention to what the whistle blower was trying to expose. That is what we need to focus on.

Yeah I'm crazy. Crazy for thinking anyone out there gives a sh*t. Yet when push comes to shove there is nothing more crazy than Operation Northwoods. That is a historical fact.

The British Sun reported that Peter Polshikov was also reportedly found dead from gunshot wounds in his home in Moscow soon after news broke of the assassination of Russian ambassador in Turkey, Andrey Karlov. It is alleged two empty bullet shells were found in the flat in the city and that a gun was discovered under the sink in the bathroom. In February of last year CBC reported that Boris Nemtsov, a charismatic Russian opposition leader and sharp critic of President Vladimir Putin, was gunned down near the Kremlin. Are we beginning to see a pattern?

Just like how Susan Lindauer testified about the Lockerbie bombing. Major Charles McKee, of the Defence Intelligence Agency, filed a complaint about the CIA's drug trafficking in Lebanon. McKee, Gannon and three other members of the team decided to fly back to CIA HQ and expose the COREA unit’s deal with al- Kassar. They booked seats on Pan Am 103 which blew up over Scotland as the result of a "terrorist" attack. Yet the only motive anyone had to blow the plane up was to kill the whistleblowers on their way to Langley.


  1. Replies
    1. Business as usual alright. Iran contra never stopped.

  2. if countries won't try the people responsible for some of these murders it might be nice if the Court in the Hague started doing some of the charging, arresting, etc. These are crimes against humanity.

    It is doubtful these types of murders will stop anytime soon, unless people/governments are held accountable. None ever seen to have been since I was a kid and the plane Dag Hammershould was on "crashed". I recall my Mother saying, they murdered him. It wasn't until later that knew what that meant.

    Crimes against humanity ought not to be laid just against those who are the losers in a war, sometimes the winners ought to be charged also. Its not a great intellectual step to figure out who murdered or approved of the murder of Putin's opposition, nor is it any great mental feat to figure out who was responsible for those named in your post.

    We can not be considered civilized if we continue with these types of activities. each person regardless of their crimes ought to be tried in a court of law.


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