Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Heartwarming Amazon add defines a Free Republic

I saw this wonderful commercial on TV the other day. It's an add for Amazon that shows a Muslim and a Priest forming a friendship swapping stories over a cup of tea. As they develope a friendship, they obviously confided in each other that as old age settles in they both find kneeling down to pray hard on the knees so they both get the same idea. They both order a set of knee pads for each other on Amazon. This is what a free republic really is. The freedom of religion. This is the dream that Martin Luther King marched for. That the US Constitution would be more than a nice piece of paper hanging on the wall. Martin Luther King's dream was that one day the US Constitution would actually be implemented and followed. I share that dream.

Don't fear the hijab. Get to know the person under the hijab.

From a distance we look the same.

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  1. Saw the ad and loved it! It made me feel very Christmasie. Thanks for mentioning it on your blog.


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