Thursday, December 29, 2016

Turkey and Russia negotiate Syrian Cease fire

What's wrong with this picture? We are all relieved to hear a cease fire agreement has been reached in Syria but why was it reached between Turkey and Russia? I thought it was suposed to be a civl war. Evidently not.

Turkey wasn't just representing Turkey. They were representing NATOs support of ALL the rebels while Russia represented troops loyal to Assad. If neither party had got involved it is quite likely the horrible devastation to civilians would not have lasted so long creating such horrific turmoil for refugees. So Russia bombing civilians in Aleppo was bad but helping negotiate a peace settlement was good. Something that the CIA is try to upstage with nonsense.

Today I saw a news clip from an American media source and they were going on about this absurd nonsense claiming Russia hacked the US election again. I thought STFU. Why the hell are they still going on about that ridiculous nonsense? Because Obama is pushing the CIA fraud.

The New York Times is reporting that " The Obama administration struck back at Russia on Thursday for its efforts to influence the 2016 election, ejecting 35 Russian intelligence operatives from the United States and imposing sanctions on Russia’s two leading intelligence services."

First of all the CIA's claim that Russia hacked the US election is absolute nonsense. Putin was right when he said they need to get over it and they are just being sore losers. Putin pointed out that not only was Donald Trump elected but Americans also elected a Republican House and Senate. What did we hack that too he said. The CIA's claim is absolute nonsense. We know it is the CIA spamming the main stream media with that nonsense because it came from a fraudulent CIA report that was indeed laughable. So now Obama is running interference for the CIA.

Don't get me wrong. I liked Obama. He was a MUCH better speaker than George Bush. That idiot was too painful to listen to. Obama was a very intelligent speaker. I don't have a problem with Obamacare either. I'm from Canada. The American medical system is horrific. I just want to be clear in that the Obama Deception was tied to the Bush Clinton Fraud.

Obama used executive privilege to hide his administration's illegal activities in Operation Fast and Furious. That was obscene. Nixon tried to hide Watergate by using executive privilege but the court didn't let him. Fast and Furious was much worse than Watergate. They were selling guns to the Mexican Cartel and bring back tons of cocaine as payment. Iran Contra never stopped. The Washington Times confirmed that it was a CIA operation. Hilary Clinton was at the root of it.

So now the big news is that Yves Chandelon, the Chief Auditor for NATO, found out that the US was supporting ISIS. We knew this all along. Obama is trying to distract us from that fact with more absurd CIA smoke and mirror nonsense.

On a more positive note, it appears that our prayers for Aleppo have been answered.


  1. This just in.....Putin will NOT be retaliating for the expulsion of 35 Russian "diplomats" by expelling any Americans. It's the smart move, and by not doing so he sends the message to Obama that he's 3 weeks out from being an irrelevant nobody. Chances are Trump renews their creds on day 1 anyway. The expulsion of these 35 Russians is a meaningless gesture, something Obama and those of his political ilk specialize in, "style over substance". When they do go with action it's not really a surprise when it doesn't work, after all it's not their forte.

    The Russians play chess. Obama was WAY out of his league on the international stage on day one, and never evolved past that. All he's ever been good for is talk, which appealed to people who were impressed by that. He's uncomfortable with action which also appealed to people of like mind.Yeah I know "he" got Bin Laden but even a blind pig finds a truffle sometime, plus I'm pretty sure it was SEAL Team 6 that actually did the heavy lifting on that one.

  2. given turkey is a member of NATO and Russia is not, wouldn't be surprised if Turkey is getting something out of this deal. turkey's president is starting to look a lot like Assad. With making nice deals with Russia, I'm sure he hopes to have Russia's support if there is a real revolution because he won't be getting it from the other leaders in NATO.

    Turkey wants some peace right now so they can have a good go at the Kurds in Turkey and I'm sure those in Iraq also. With Russia on Turkey's side, perhaps Russia will drop a few bombs on the Kurds just for old time sake.


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