Monday, December 26, 2016

A little more Wayne Moriarty

I guess my big push for the New Year is a break from the persistent insanity that we are being spammed with. The world needs a little more Wayne Moriarty and a little less Xanadu.

Michael Smith is reporting that Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson is heading the Taxpayers foundation's naughty list for going tax-mad this year. We talked about how Robertson raised property taxes 3.9% recently in Vancouver promising to kick back 0.5% for harm promotion. So in reality what did he do? He just raised rents and increased the number of homeless on the street. Great thinking. Gregor Robertson is part of the problem not part of the solution.


  1. Yahuwah bless you Brother !
    Kind is better than Cruel.

  2. "Drain The Muskeg", and make Canada great again..... ;-)

    "Harm promotion" as you put it, has got you the fentanyl crisis, where 11 people die in BC in one day. When I was there in the mid/late 90's everyone thought it couldn't get worse than crack. Then meth came along. Now fentanyl. Seeing a trend yet?

    As much as 80% of the meth in the US is made in Mexico then smuggled north from precursor chemicals shipped in bulk from China to Mexico, which is a "Narco State". Illegal immigration is only half of the reason Trump was elected on a promise to build a wall on our southern border, the other half is to impede the flow of drugs north. A very long land border, especially with the flow of commerce that takes place across it is much more difficult to control than sea or air.

    China is the source of the fentanyl as well, and I'm sure that hall's angles and other organized crime influence in the Port of Vancouver has absolutely nothing to do with how it gets into the country....:sarc:

    Unity among the disparate groups that make up the population of Canada is an absolute prerequisite to get people in office who will do what needs to be done. It's no accident that you have the current fragmentation, it was planned that way by the globalists. To quote Gary Webb, "We're not talking about a conspiracy theory, we're talking about a conspiracy."

  3. I wouldn't blame harm reduction services... Insite never told anybody to cut every pill and powder drug with fentanyl. Indeed, I suggest testing facilities, located sensibly - I.e. in a safe injection site- to know in advance in one's usual dose will kill them, are a good thing. Furthermore, I haven't seen or read anything correlating safe injection sites with increased use of hard drugs. Maybe fentanyl-based products are so cheap to make nowadays wholesale prices have fallen- just an idea, I don't know what that situation is, but fentanyl seems to cross borders more easily than, say, real heroin. I have yet to see anyone claim they got turned on to injectable drugs by the groovy beautiful people hanging out at a safe injection site.
    Happy New Years everyone!

    1. We most certainly can blame harm reduction because that is exactly what we are telling them. We are telling them that they can lace other drugs with fentanyl and we won't arrest them. That is encouraging them to do so. The fact that they want to make more lethal injection sites is proof it is creating more addicts not less. As the other blog reader pointed out, it even encourages them to flirt with death because they know a parametric will bring them back to life if they die doing the toxic poison. This blog does not support lethal injection sites.


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