Saturday, December 17, 2016

Another shooting in Surrey, more Fentanyl ODs

Back to reality. Global on Twitter is reporting that Surrey RCMP are investigating a shooting in 13500-block of 91 Ave this morning. One man is in critical condition.

The Huffington Post is reporting that at least 11 people died of drug overdoses in BC on Thursday alone, six of them in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. If we do not start arresting the drug dealers that are selling drugs tainted with Fentanyl, we are all criminally culpable.

Gregor Robertson is a flaming idiot just like Linda Hepner. Kirk LaPointe and Doug McCallum would have been much a better choice. Different people have different plans on how to address crime in our community. Kirk LaPointe wants to get rid of open drug dealing at Main and Hastings and so do I. Meanwhile back on the ranch, Donald Trump has launched an impressive course change in political corruption south of the 49. No wonder the CIA's drug trafficking network opposes him so bitterly. Donald Trump is delivering hope while others just talked about it.

This is wonderful news. Kati, a drug addict on the Surrey strip that was interviewed by CBC has come clean and is endorsing more long term treatment as opposed to more harm promotion.


  1. WOW. Yeah, your government cares about you.... :rolleyes:

    11 in one day is just unbelievable. So, how many will it have to be to overcome the ambient level of apathy? How many more have to die before you fucking wake up to the reality that what you are doing now DOES NOT WORK.

    WAR on the pusher man. And you know who we're talking about here.....them and any others like them.

    You can fix this. You have the resources. Heck, the police will do this for you. Even with all the losers who were just looking for a job/career, there have to be enough real sheep dogs among them. Give them permission to use those teeth on the wolves. But you won't do that, will you? And so more will die.

    If you need to know who is responsible (and I realize many of you don't, that's the definition of apathy) go look in the mirror. Then look down to see where your balls once were, before you surrendered them to some bureaucrat. Now you can do nothing, because you surrendered your rights as free men along with them. Yup, you guys are so morally superior to "those damned Americans" need to look back less than a human lifetime and see what would have happened to a trafficker who got caught with two kilo's of heroin in BC in the 1950's. While you're at it, learn a few more lessons from your grandparents era. Throwing out tried and true principles in favor of the "values" of the 60's......did it really improve things? All it did was allow those who were rightfully kept on the outside of normal society to redefine what was socially acceptable. How do you like that now?


  2. As a recovering addict myself i know that harm reduction isnt the solution. The only solution is to get people into treatment programs and allow them the opportunity to work through their problems. I hear Al Hubbard calling from the grave shouting out for a revamped "hollywood hospital" and reawakening the spirit of these lost souls by means of psychedelic psychotherapy and the application of 12 step programs to deal with the disease of addiction and help allow for introspective and interpersonal psychological reflection that these non-ordinary states produce. I myself can attribute much of my desire to recover and
    success in life to the LSD trip that gave me the most incredible spiritual awakening of my entire life and catapulted me into the path of recovery and being a better person all around. Im not saying that lsd or psychedelics are a cure, however they certainly are a catalyst for spiritual and mystical experiences and what alot of these lost souls need is an awakening and a spiritual experience that reminds them who they truly are.

    None of us choose to be addicts, the people dying need a better solution and free needles and a safe place to shoot up obviously isnt it.

    Hope and pray we help all who suffer find a solution and freedom from active addiction.

    The future looks psychedelically bright.

  3. Sorry, but you actually did choose to be an addict, if you get what I mean. You just didn't realize it at the time. Now you know.

    Dropping acid as a solution is going to be counter-intuitive for most folks but better that than dropping dead I guess. If it doesn't "take" for some junkies it's not like they're worse off. If it sounds stupid but it works it's not stupid.

    1. No one chooses addiction. Recovery is possible for everyone who chooses. Psychedelics and recovery from addiction is nothing new, however it is being revisited and if it helps people find freedom from active addiction than its better than the alternative - jails, institutions and death.

    2. Indeed, however, lsd isn't recovery. Lsd is just as bad as crack because it totally screws up your brain. That's not freedom.

  4. sobriety is the answer. i have recently taken a 9 year chip thru AA, 12 step programs work if your ready, my daughter has been battling coke,crack and meth since 13 years old,10 months clean at this point, my son in law is struggling to get off heroin, on the methadone program off and on, my grandchildren, in there teens, are now in the danger zone.they tell me there is big pressure all around to just have a little, try it out. we have honest conversations about the dangers and do not hide the fact that the odds are not good living in Surrey as they do, half aboriginal, both sides of the family full of alcoholism and addiction.
    i was born at st. pauls hospital in downtown vancouver, early 1950,s, watched my aunts, uncles, cousins and my godfather all live shitty miserable lives at main and hastings area and die lonely miserable deaths due to this disease of the mind.
    i get that somebody got caught fucking a pig and there's probably pictures and other damming evidence, only thing that kinda makes sense, obviously the powers that be are afraid to move in any really serious way to get rid of the front line people because higher ups hold some incriminating information, probably on a lot of individuals and whole departments. ok,,,,now what,,,,
    i am an independent harley rider, 45 years so far, when i went down to Abbott and Hastings in 1998 to get my 13 year old daughter back, once i made it clear i was serious, the old guy said, "all you fucking white guys should come get your fucking daughters whats a matter with you guys". 2 days later my daughter was handed over by 2 young guys at Metrotown sky train station, she ran away again a couple days later, she survives, so far. she has told me over the years, "when you came for me, it made me feel like i was worth something". it helped, not easy, but alive, go tell your kid you love them, it won't fix it, but it could help, look in the mirror, forgive, it helps.
    i know it doesn't work for everybody, but keeping people alive until they can get their shit together is the idea,,,but somehow the access to, availability of, these fucking poisons on our streets, has to change. this is just normal now for my grandkids, thats wrong.
    thanks for this blog, i enjoy it daily

    1. Thanks for sharing that. Well done.

    2. I have always said, to solve the problem, you have to be willing to SOLVE THE PROBLEM. Oh, what's being done isn't working? Dial it up a notch and see if you get results. No? A couple notches more. Still not enough? You must be willing to do whatever it takes. If you are not the problem will win every time. This is why the Halls Angles run the drug trade (with a little help from their friends) in BC, no one has thus far been willing to GET RID OF THEM. "It can't be done" Yes, it can. They exist only because you believe it can't or are not willing to do what is necessary to achieve the goal, and so you have selected by default to continue with the status quo. "Your cure would be worse than the disease". Would it really? I'm sure a cancerous tumor, had it self awareness, would feel the same about a surgeon or chemotherapy.

    3. It's not even a matter of having to pull a boon dock saints. They are lining up in front of the drug dealers to buy drugs with their welfare cheques. Everyone knows who the drug dealers are. When they start dropping dead from buying heroin or crack laced with fentanyl, everyone knows which drug dealer sold the fentanyl instead of heroin or crack. All they have to do is arrest the drug dealer that sold the fentanyl. That's it. It's that simple. The fact that we are not doing that is evidence the system is corrupt.


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