Thursday, December 15, 2016

New York Hells Angels shoot someone over parking spot

This isn't really news but since a few people sent it to me and the police response demonstrates the New York model I will comment on it. The New York Post reported that a biker shot a man in the gut after he moved an orange traffic cone that was holding a parking spot outside the Hells Angels East Village clubhouse early Sunday, cops said. However, there's a little bit more to it.

A guy in a mercedes got out of his car to move a pilon reserving a parking spot outside the New York clubhouse. A member of the Hells angels told the guy not to touch it. The two began arguing, and three other men who were traveling with the guy piled out of the mercedes, at which point the biker threw a punch at the guy. Other bikers spilled out of the clubhouse at 77 E. Third St. and a street fight ensued, during which an Angel was knocked to the pavement by a man who was preparing to kick him. A prospective Hells Angels member, who was also on the ground, pulled out a handgun and fired a single shot that struck Martinez in the abdomen, cops said.

Objectively that should be the end of the story but it's not. Now the NYPD are purposely "f*cking" with the Hells Angels because they won't cooperate with the police investigation. Just what are they suposed to cooperate with? The fifth amendment gives people charged with a crime the right to refuse to answer any questions that might incriminate themselves. If you are going to charge someone with an offence you need evidence.

I am not a friend of the Hells Angels especially the New chapter. Not long ago a dead woman was found outside their clubhouse and they once again refused to cooperate with the investigation. That was a lot more serious than a bunch of yuppies trying to pick a fight with the Hells Angels. Historically the president of that chapter threw his girlfriend off the roof of the clubhouse to her death. That guy was killed by the San Francisco chapter leader before he could go to trial. Those cases were serious. This case is stupid. Reserving a parking spot outside your place of business is not a big deal.

It does however, show how New York cops can put pressure on anyone they want. That's how they got rid of most of the gangs wearing colours in New York. If they were in colours the cops would harass them. Just like they harassed the drug dealers on the street selling crack. Where there is a will, there is a way. In the words of Steppenwolf from the Easy Rider soundtrack, "God damn The Pusher man. Well, now if I were the president of this land You know, I'd declare total war on The Pusher man." Word.

However, let's not forget that although New York cops were at one time part of the solution to the city's drug plague, at another time they were part of the problem. Lest we forget.

In Vancouver during the PNE local residents used to stand in front of their house with a sign and charge people to park in front of their house. The Hells Angels have a right to reserve the parking spot in front of their own place of business but they do not have the right to reserve the parking spots across the street or in front of neighbouring businesses. It's as simple as that.

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