Sunday, December 11, 2016

CIA report obvious fraud

The Washington Post is reporting that Kellyanne Conway calls the CIA report on Russian election meddling ‘laughable and ridiculous’. The CIA report claimed Russia interfered with the US election to help defeat Hillary Clinton. That is indeed ridiculous. It fails the test of believability and clearly shows how desperate the CIA were to get Hillary elected.

I remember hearing in the news the absurd claim about Russia fixing the US election to defeat Hillary and wondered where on earth such a ridiculous idea came from. I thought it was from the National Inquirer. Now we have it. The ridiculous report came directly from the CIA itself.

I don't like Donald Trump. I don't support his racist insanity. Yet I realize some people who voted for him are not racist. They voted for him for other reasons such as a genuine desire to see the economy improve. Deep down that's what we all want.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand is a dirty criminal. She has been deeply involved in the CIA drug trafficking network since Mena Arkansas. Hillary Clinton was the author of Operation Fast and Furious. She was not an enemy of Putin. She sold him weapons grade uranium for his nuclear missiles. The CIA were the ones that helped put him in power.

The movie the November Man with Pierce Brosnan was based on a true story. So here's the deal. I realize no one cares about the CIA's drug trafficking network because most see it as a problem too big for anyone to fix. Yet that doesn't mean we have to go to the other extreme and become mindless sheep who believe and accept every ridiculous claim they make.

Why is the CIA still spamming the mainstream media with ridiculous propaganda? Because they can and for the most part, it works. We need to give our head a shake and use our brains so that we can see through the mindless propaganda and see exactly where they are trying to take us because they are the real enemies of the State. They are the ones who broke their oath to preserve and protect the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Update: I'm not going to flog a dead horse. Hillary lost the election. We need to get over it and move forward not backward. She is a dirty criminal so there is no love lost. If the Democrats want to retake the White House they have to run another candidate. It's as simple as that. Bernie Saunders was a better choice. The criminals pushed for Hillary and lost the White House as a result. That was a natural consequence of that bad decision.

I'm not going to get into a long winded debate about Republican vs Democrat or Capitalist vs Socialist. Communist China is the biggest threat to world peace on the planet. Second to China is the CIA who are pushing the same agenda - the destruction of civil liberty and the free market.

The point of this post was simple. I realize no one cares about the CIA's drug trafficking Network that murdered Gary Webb, but I do. Even if we chose to be an ostrich and ignore all that evidence because there is nothing we can do about it, then the least we can do is open our eyes and see through the ridiculous propaganda the CIA continues to spam the mainstream media with so we are not deceived by it. Consider the source.


  1. Let's pretend for a moment that Russia attempted to influence the election by releasing hacked HRC emails. IF they did it, are we upset with them for telling the truth? Because no one is, as of yet, saying that anything they supposedly released is fake, just that they tried to influence the election by doing it. Which is of course what the Dem's are ACTUALLY upset about...."How dare you provide the public with evidence of our douche baggery?" These shitlibs always get upset when someone tells the truth about them not telling the truth. Funny how that works.

  2. In my opinion americans ought to know if Russia did hack into the computers of either of the political parties. From my reading, it is being alleged the Russians hacked both parties but only released the Democratic Party's information. However, it was felt it did not have an impact on the election results. There are also allegations that Russia is trying to influence the German election, not being too fond of the current leader, Ms. Merkle and would prefer a more right wing German government. Russia might want to re think that one. They do remember what happened last time.

    1. I think you may mistake Russia's government today with the communist government of the Soviet Union in the past.

      While some of the geographical area may the same and even some of the people who were alive in that era may be alive today, it would be sheer folly to pretend the ideology of the past is the ideology of today.

      In fact, the decadence and liberal socialism that so defined communism is more rampant in what is the "West" today than in Russia!

    2. Very true which is why we need to ask ourselves why most political leaders in the west are still demonizing Russia while they bend over backward for China who are still currently Communist guilty of horrible human rights crimes.

  3. My point is simple. The absurd claim that Russia hacked the US election to hurt Hillary is absolutely ridiculous. Hillary and the CIA were friends with Putin. Donald Trump was not. The CIA report is evidence that these bizarre press releases are coming straight from the CIA which is why we need to see through them and not be deceived by them:


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