Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Britney Irving was shot in the back - Update

Global reported that the jury was selected yesterday for Joey Verma’s murder trial and that evidence would be presented today in court to start the trial. Today Global is reporting that “the crown alleges Verma and Irving were in the midst of completing a large marijuana deal when Irving was shot four times, including twice in the back.” She was shot four times, twice in the back. That’s hardly something to brag about. Hardly worth promoting him to be the Vice President of the Kingpin Crew over. Castanet as well as Capital News are also reporting the story.

I will add that the jury was present when this evidence was heard in court. The purpose of a publication ban is to prevent the press from publishing evidence that was submitted in court when the jury was not present until after their verdict has been rendered. Since there are no other trials going on at this time I don’t see there being a publication ban being put on this trial.

Let’s not forget that Joey was a Hells Angels associate at the time. He is also friends with Donnie McWhirter. When Britney was first missing it was reported that Joey was with the Independent Soldiers who are also affiliated with the Hells Angels. Getting his truck stuck in that area was pretty incriminating for Joey. Yet, as much as they want to blame the pinheads for this, there is no way Joey would have stolen 50 pounds of pot from the Hells Angels. He would have left town but he didn’t. There is no way this murder was committed without the approval if not orders of the Kelowna Hells Angels.

CBC Kelowna morning radio program, Daybreak South have posted a sound clip of a synopsis of the first day of trial. In the Crown's opening remarks on Tuesday they said that Mike Roberts, the guy who owned the truck Verma used, told police he was supposed to take the fall for Irving's murder and accept responsibility. Crown did not say who ordered that.

Wednesday one of Brittney's friends testified that Brittney ran marijuana grows in and outside of Kelowna but "didn't know who she was running them for." There is no way it could have been for anyone but the Hells Angles. they kill rival drug dealers in BC. Info Tel are also covering the case.

Evidently all four shots were slugs from a shotgun not from a handgun or riffle. The two shots in the back were horizontal from back to front. The two shots in the front were in an upward direction front to back. This would imply that she was shot twice in the back first then the shooter shot her twice in the front while standing at her feet. Thus the upward trajectory of the slug. None of the four slugs exited the body. Each shot was fatal.

Overview of Brittney Irving’s Murder Trial

Britney’s brother took the stand and confirmed that Joey and Britney were in a relationship. Someone had mentioned that to me before but I had a hard time believing it. I thought Joey was a slime ball and Brittney was way out of his league. Yet Britney’s brother confirmed that she and Mike had been separated but remained best friends and that Brittney had a new boyfriend named Joey.

In court Joey looked sharp and unremorseful. He did not flinch when they showed pictures of her dead body on the TV screen. When Britney’s brother expressed concerns about the way the last drug deal was going to happen she kept reassuring him that Joey was a good guy and could be trusted. Sad. She really trusted him and was shot in the back as she was trying to run away from her attacker.

Evidently Joey is much higher up on the drug trafficking food chain than I had previously realized. I saw one of his associates, Dan Koski, show up to give Joey his support. He made sure Joey saw him when the court was adjourned and gave him the nod. Sad and bizarre how anyone can respect and support someone for murdering a girl in cold blood.

I will add that previous rumors of Brittney’s body being found dismembered in a barrel are untrue. The police showed pictures of her fully clad body lying dead in the woods where they found her. She was wearing a belly shirt. The man’s shoes and jacket she was wearing at the time can be explained by the fact that they went for a walk in the muddy woods which was cool. She put on the man’s jacket to be warm and the shoes because her girl shoes weren’t really made for walking through the muddy forest.

It wasn’t a matter of her body being stripped naked then re clothed. She was wearing her clothes when she was shot. The shot in her abdomen from the front nicked her jeans. That means she was wearing those pants when she was shot. The crazy part is the way the deal was supposed to go down. She ran a grow for “someone” that was busted. It’s wasn’t a fully operative grow op, it was a clone show. They would take trimmings from an existing plant and make several smaller plants that would be sold to other grows to produce. The 1500 plant show were just trimmings for others to grow not fully mature plants.

After the police busted that grow, they locked it up and seized all their cash. After they did that they had no money and no place to live. That’s why they were staying at the Day’s Inn. Britney was frantically trying to get as much pot together for one big deal to put some food on the table and help pay for her rehab she planned on attending.

According to Brittney’s brother, the plan was she was supposed to meet Joey with the product. She would park her car and her and Joey would go in the bush to shoot guns while the buyers would inspect the product in the vehicle. Britney’s brother thought that was strange because normally when making a drug deal you don’t want to attract attention, you want to be quiet. Shooting guns off during a drug deal sounded suspicious and he kept telling her that. She in turn kept reassuring him that Joey was a good guy and could be trusted. Sad.

After Brittney went missing, her brother found one of her other cell phones with Joey’s number on it. He called the number and said “Where the f is my sister?! She was supposed to meet you.” He claimed Joey said Brittney never showed up to which her brother said you’re an f-ing liar and hung up.

The thing is, this big drug deal so to speak wasn’t going to make her that much money. Her brother testified that she was only making $100 per pound and that was supposed to be good according to Brittney. There were pictures of various qualities of pot and she only accepted the highest grade returning pictures of the lesser grade. It appears there was at least 50 pounds of product in the final deal. 50 pounds times $100 is only $5,000. Hardly enough to kill someone over.

It is my opinion that the people she ran the clone show for were making her come up with the money to repay for the police bust just like they did to Jeremy Snow. That would make more sense and would explain why Joey didn’t leave town after he was alleged to have murdered her.

Brad Saari testified. Evidently, Joey admitted to an undercover cop in prison he had a sexual relationship with Britney. I suppose he didn't tell Kim that at the time. It supports what her brother said about them being in a relationship at the time. It also explains the test messages produced in court between Britney and joey where Britney said things like I'll be right there hun. She cared about him and she trusted him. It's sad how he betrayed her so viciously and has no remorse for it whatsoever. It's all about the money. Greed.

Britney's brother testified that right after his sister went missing he found her other cell phone with Joey's number and called it. He told the court he said where the f is my sister? Her brother then claimed Joey said she never showed up to which he said you're a f*ing liar and hung up. The evidence that Joey's cousin helped Joey tow the truck he borrowed out from where Britney was murdered is proof Joey lied about Britney not showing up.

Overview of Brittney Irving’s Murder Trial

Witness intimidation at the Joey Verma Trial

Accused tells witness to keep his mouth shut


  1. Indeed. Shoots a girl, in the back. That's as low as you can go.

  2. Who is this Mike Roberts who says he was supposed to take the fall and lent Verma his truck? Britt was married to Mike Fisher. Are we talking same guy? Different guy? Another marriage?

  3. Evidently you are correct. There are thankfully two different Mikes. That makes much more sense.

  4. Oh, phew! glad to hear that.Small comforts.

  5. Hearing about the shooting specifics makes me sick to my stomach, I keep picturing her totally helpless getting shot by this fucker. And on the road up to big white which is a friggin lonely place all it's own...

    So poinless...

  6. Can you confirm the AGE of Mike Roberts - if it is ROBERTS?
    At that close range of shooting, the slugs would most certainly have exited with massive intestinal extraction!
    Shot guns splatter BALLS, not slugs! It points to Gun, not shotgun!
    This will be a setup by outside sources for the Crown and they are being led to present completely falsified evidence for a staged Court presentation!!! Seen it done MANY times - which includes the whole Greek Gang Trial!!!

    Are you following up on this?

    1. Shotguns normally shoot shot I.E. tiny ball bearings which scatter the farther away you are. That’s what they shoot ducks with at far range. Only a couple tiny balls hit the bird which is enough to kill it. However, you can also get slugs for shotguns. They are massive. When you think of a large caliber hand gun like a .45 or even a .50 caliber bullet, a shotgun slug is much larger in comparison. That is what was used here. There has been nothing falsified. The forensic expert showed pictures of the wounds. I haven’t heard anything new about the Joey Arrance murder other than his real crime was selling drugs for someone other than the Hells Angels.

  7. Coward killing a girl i hope they look at this goof for other missing murder cases perhaps miesner.I hope this reject is savagely beaten to death in prison after being tortured for a very long time. Girl killers are not respected in prison . Different clothing has me worried i hope this reject didnt do any thing else before killing her.skinner in addition to murderer hopefully fellow prisoners assume so!!!

  8. Yes but the order to kill Brittney came from further up the food chain.


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