Friday, September 27, 2013

Accused tells witness to keep his mouth shut

The Daily Courier is reporting that “Joey Verma's text messages became increasingly hostile after his cousin told police their activities the day Brittney Irving disappeared."

"Jason Labonte, the Crown's star witness at Verma's murder trial, testified Verma asked him to drive up to a remote part of McCulloch Road and haul out his borrowed truck, which had become stuck in the mud. Weeks later, police found Irving's bullet-ridden body nearby.”

Joey sent his cousin whose nickname is Cutter a text that said: "You need to see me in person, Cutter. I need to know what you have said to these guys! I'm hearing things," Verma typed via BlackBerry. "I told you to keep your f***ing mouth shut, man!"

Weeks after helping Joey tow his car out, Verma told Labonte "I had to kill her." Later on when the media started mentioning Joey in Britney’s disappearance Labonte said "He just said not to worry about it. Then just before we parted, he gave me a hug and said if he's going down, everyone's going down." Dave Pickton said the same thing when Willy was charged. That didn’t happen either.

Another text messages produced in court between Joey and his cousin said “Well the longer you wait the more s*** you will be in . . . I was told at the gym by an official to tell you to shut the f*** up!” Gee, I wonder who the official was? Doesn’t sound like a hockey ref.

Britney Irving was shot in the back - Court Update


  1. Murdering women and children.... these guys could care less. The epitome of cowardice for any century.


  3. Indeed. A friend once said to me in hell the glasses have holes in them and the women don’t. Meaning you can’t drink or have sex. No doubt you were referring to prison but even that won’t fix what he has done.


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