Monday, September 16, 2013

Hells Angel René Charlebois escapes from Laval Prison

Well these guys are just consistently in the news for being on the wrong side of the law. Evidently Hells Angel René Charlebois escaped from a minimum security prison in Laval on Saturday night. He was serving time for murdering a police informant.

One has to wonder what on earth he was doing in a minimum security prison for serving murder. This clearly raises public concern about all the other yahoos convicted in the mega trials for murder being placed in minimum security prisons. Charlebois is a close associate of Mom the back stabber Boucher and was a member of the Quebec Nomads. If you see him call 911.

Laval was the place of the Death Riders betrayal. That's how Mom Boucher and Biff Hammel got in the club. It’s on the North Shore. Members of the North Montreal Hells Angels based in Laval were murdered by their own people in the Lennoxville massacre. It's all about greed and betrayal.

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  1. No, no, you have this all wrong, these are just fun loving guys who like to ride motorcycles....

    But yeah, minimum security for a guy who murdered someone, WTF is that about.....typical though...there's no punishment given that acts as a deterrent to doing the crime, so, why not do the crime?

    Society no longer subjects evildoers to fear of consequences, it merely inconveniences them. What's a little inconvenience compared to getting rich selling drugs? The risk vs. reward equation is drastically in their favor.


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