Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Hells Angels are murderers

It is no secret that the Hells Angels murdered many people in the Quebec biker war. It is also no secret that the Quebec biker war had absolutely nothing to do with riding motorcycles. It was a war over a monopoly on the drug trade. It wasn’t just a matter of them being involved in the drug trade. It was about them forbidding anyone else from being involved in the drug trade but them and murdering their drug dealing rivals. BC is no different.

Friday, the Montreal Gazette reported that 27 more Hells Angels entered guilty pleas of conspiracy to commit murder during the Quebec biker war from 1994 to 2002. The violence didn’t end there. That’s just when they won that war. The founder of the Rock Machine crossed over to become the president of the Montreal Hells Angels when Mom Boucher went to prison and brought several leaders with him.

The new Rock Machine really has nothing to do with the old crew in Quebec. Sean Brown was the one that resurrected the club and tweaked the logo. He didn’t even want to go to Quebec and revisit that old conflict. He even put on their web site that they don’t sell drugs. They kicked him out and turned it back into a drug dealing gang which is now expanding into Australia.

A year ago, 13 members of the Hells Angels pleaded guilty to murder and conspiracy to commit murder in Montreal. They were mostly from the Sherbrooke chapter. Guy Rodrigue is a founding member of that chapter. In 1987, he was convicted for his role in the murders of five members of the Laval chapter. Also known as the Lennoxville Massacre. Rodrigue was sentenced to four years in prison. Four years in prison for murdering his own brothers so he could make more money. Astounding.

Here’s the deal. These murders had nothing to do with loyalty or honour. They were about betrayal and greed. Just like when the Ontario Hells Angels were allowed to kill Bekim Zeneli, the leader of a Hells Angels puppet club in Manitoba called LHS - Loyalty Honour Silence. They killed him so the Ontario village idiots could take over the drug trade in Thompson, Manitoba. They told Billy Bowden to suck it up or become a target.

Just like they told Mom Boucher and Biff Hammel after they murdered their sponsors in the Lennoxville Massacre. Only Biff and Mommy Dearest said sure where do we sign up? Biff Hammel was present when they murdered his sponsors. It takes a certain kind of rat to betray his own sponsors like that just so he can get ahead. David Giles was even given one of the stolen motorcycles from one of the murdered brothers in Lennoxville.

It’s all about murder and betrayal for money. It’s all about greed. It always has been for the Hells Angels in Canada. Halifax was no different. Randy Mersereau left the Hells Angels but kept selling drugs so the Hells Angels killed him as well as his brother and his brother’s wife. Years later Jeff Lynds admitted to murdering Randy Mersereau for the Hells Angels.

Now we see a long list of the same thing in BC. The most recent of which is the murder of Joey Arrance. Along with a huge list of lies about the real motive why they killed him. The number of drug dealing rivals the Hells Angels have murdered in BC is astounding. It became clear at the Christmas in Vancouver 1995. Yet they don’t just murder informants and drug dealing rivals. They also murder and torture drug addicts for drug debts.

My point here is that this isn’t a few rogue members of the club selling drugs on the side. These are all presidents and high ranking members getting busted for drug trafficking now. This is what the club is doing with their name and reputation. They are a criminal organization. Not only that but the guilty pleas in Montreal last year showed that the Hells Angels paid a portion of their drug profits into a fund to pay for hits on drug dealing rivals. That means when the Hells Angels commit murder as an organization, every member of that criminal organization is guilty of murder both morally and legally.

Giving the Hells Angels a monopoly on the drug trade in BC has been a huge mistake. The violence has not ended. It has just gotten worse as they continue to betray, bully and murder at will. This needs to be addressed without giving up our civil liberty. We need to look at Operation Fast and Furious and recognize who is really responsible for all this betrayal and violence for the almighty dollar. Gary Webb was right. Iran Contra never stopped.

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