Monday, September 9, 2013

Breaking Bad toy crystal meth lab on sale

Human insanity descends to new levels. The Daily Mail is reporting that there’s a new toy on the market for kids that looks like Lego but is made by a different company. It’s a crystal meth lab from the TV show Breaking Bad. One Twitter comment summed it up well. “Made for children raised by parents who should know better.”

A blog reader had commented on the TV series a while ago saying how outrageous it was that a TV show would glorify such a horrible drug as crystal meth. A troll then came on and said it didn’t glorify crystal meth it showed how bad it was. Not having seen the show I couldn’t really say for sure but felt it was wrong. Now I can say for sure it is absurd. Those toys are a prime example.

This is no Betty Crocker oven. The TV series has University chemists on site for technical realism. However, their fake crystal meth lab is anything but realistic. This YouTube video shows them making blue candy crystal meth on the TV show. It doesn’t look anything like a real crystal meth lab. It looks like a cross between a clean chemistry lab and a Martha Stewart kitchen. It gives the false appearance that they are making this nice clean candy as though they were making toffee or caramel apples. It is giving kids the false impression that crystal meth is clean and safe just like a delicious candy when it is anything but.

Real crystal meth labs are disgustingly dirty and dangerous. Real crystal meth is made from Drano. This TV show is criminally negligent portraying a false image that promotes the horrible drug. Crack is horrible. Crystal meth is worse. Much worse. It’s addictiveness and it’s destructive effect on the human brain and body is astounding. Even if the drug was made in a clean chemistry lab, it would not change it’s harmful effect on the human body.

Creating a toy crystal meth lab patterned after that false image is compete irresponsibility. Any responsible parent would indeed know better than to buy it for their kids. Sadly some parents might be deceived by the false image about clandestine labs the TV show portrays and think it’s OK when it certainly is not.

It’s astounding this show is on TV portraying this false image. It is astounding this show has won awards and has been on for as long as it has. You don’t have to be a cynic to figure out why. Gary Webb was right. The agency was responsible for the US crack epidemic in the 1980’s. We know the Hells Angels have been trafficking crystal meth in Eastern United States. According to Michael Riconosciuto, the agency was the one cooking it in California for them. Promoting this false image on the TV Show Breaking Bad promotes the CIA’s drug trafficking network.

Jerry Langton wrote a book about the increase in crystal meth labs in Mexico. The other night there was a documentary on TV about the Mexican drug cartels called Narco Bling. The documentary claimed that the Mexican cartels are now supplying 80% of the US crystal meth market. The same cartels the Agency was supporting in Operation Fast and Furious.

Making matters worse, a blog reader just sent in these links to fake toy crystal meth from the Breaking Bad TV show. They even have mobile meth lab T-shirts. That is seriously messed up.

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