Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dirty developers and politicians destroy ALR

This is a great video and article from Global about the dirty deals going on between developers and politicians in the Lower Mainland that is destroying the agricultural land reserve so a hand full of large developers who make political campaign contributions get rich at the public and environment’s expense.

These developers buy up agricultural land, give candidates at City Hall and in the Provincial Government campaign contributions, then City Hall and the Province flips their protected agricultural land into industrial so these dirty developers make an obscene mark up.

One blog reader pointed out that at 1:16 in the video the woman mentions Emerson and Joe Segal buying up all the ARL in Delta with the intent of flipping in into industrial. That’s exactly what Surrey City Hall did for them at the Campbell Heights industrial park. Montreal has nothing on us. Our corruption at our City Halls is worse than theirs.

The Tsawwassen trick is another example. They are laundering the ALR through a First Nations Reservation. They take a massive amount of ALR and transfer it to the Tsawwassen First Nations who in turn flip it into industrial for them to build a huge shopping mall in the middle of protected ALR. This is a key habitat for migratory birds. These short sighted dirty politicians are killing the province and the environment. They need to be stopped. We need to be sustainable and responsible.

Paving all the agricultural land and bringing in massive coal exports is not sustainable or responsible. It is exponentially expanding CO2 emissions so a couple of insiders can make a quick buck. Coal dust causes pollution. It pollutes the air we breathe, the water we drink and the fish we eat. This is not forward thinking. It’s backward thinking. Air quality is a huge concern.

We need a free enterprise party at City Hall. One that supports small business not corporate monopolies or huge dirty developers that bribe them with campaign contributions. Godzilla sucks and her dirty deals are expanding throughout the Mayors council. That is destroying the province and the planet. God save the people and the planet. Dirty developers, Alas for you. Blind fools.

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