Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hells Angels open retail store in Toronto

The Hells Angels have opened a new clothing store that sells support your local organized crime shirts in Toronto. Aside from being a slap in the face of public safety and law and order, it might be good news for the embattled Mayor of Toronto. At least this way Rob Ford won’t have to sneak around any crack shacks to fill his pipe. Now he can just go to the mall. They’re gonna have to change the name of the store from 81 to Authorized Ford Dealer like the Surrey Shirts declare. It's pretty sad when we let murders and crack dealers operate freely in public.


  1. Even the supreme courts acknowledge they are a criminal organization- why can't the proceeds of sales for support of a criminal enterprise be seized? If Al-qaeda couldn't sell t-shirts at the mall....why do these internal terrorists get to?

  2. Good question. Especially right after the drug bust in Spain.

  3. Ho-Ho, they have a privately owned ATM in there, do they? No doubt your card number and PIN are safe with them.....for a few weeks, until enough time has gone by that you have used it a bunch of other places, and no connection to that big unauthorized withdrawal can be made......


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