Saturday, September 7, 2013

Okanagan man found with assault rifles and bomb materials

Well Kim Bolan is back from holidays. She is reporting that Police have arrested an Okanagan man and seized “bomb-making equipment” they believe could have been used in future gang-related violence. Bombs for the gang war is a lot more believable than for false flag attacks. At least they weren't more pressure cookers.

Police claim that although no fully-built bombs or explosive devices were found in the Oyama home, they found “modified timers, batteries, igniters, dismantled shotgun shells, a container of black powder and small wooden boxes fitted with wiring” as well as two semi-automatic assault-style rifles with over-capacity magazines. Gunpowder is a little more realistic than nails and pressure cookers. Oyama is between Kelowna and Vernon on the south end of Kal lake.

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