Saturday, November 19, 2022

Toronto Police seize 500 kilos of crystal meth

The Daily Courier is reporting that "Toronto police have seized hundreds of kilograms of illicit drugs in what they say is the largest single-day drug seizure in the force’s history. Deputy Chief Pauline Gray says the force last month sized 671 kilograms of illicit drugs, including 520 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and 151 kilograms of cocaine. Police say they identified two addresses in Toronto that were allegedly being used as stash houses for drugs."

"They say search warrants were executed at the two addresses and for three vehicles on Oct. 5, when the drugs were sized. Police say they are looking for three individuals connected to the trafficking of the drugs. They say the suspects will be charged with possession of cocaine and crystal methamphetamine for the purposes of trafficking when they are arrested."

This is a broken record. Every province except BC make drug busts. Ask yourself why.

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  1. Wholly rat phuck Batman!!! Someone is out a bit of $$$ !!! Excellent job TPS !


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