Monday, November 21, 2022

Fatal shooting in Prince Rupert - Update

Update: Update: Tragically this was indeed a murder suicide and the suspect has died of his injuries. A local source claims that the assailant was a CBSA Agent which has been confirmed by the Prince George Citizen. This forces us to ask if he used a service pistol. You can't use this tragedy as an excuse for civilian gun control if he used a service pistol.

The Northern View is reporting that "RCMP has released more details on the Nov. 21 incident at Ocean Centre Mall involved a shooting in which one person died. The victim and the alleged shooter were known to each other, RCMP stated. The alleged male shooter is in hospital with critical injuries. A female victim died.

Northern Health Communications Manager, Eryn Collins, confirmed to The Northern View some social media posts and comments about today’s incident were not accurate. She confirmed the occurrence did not involve any Northern Health staff at any of their offices."

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  1. Patty Forman was the victim. Shawn Yeung, ex fiancé, murderer.


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