Thursday, November 3, 2022

Mass protests over Voter fraud in Brazil

There are massive protests in Brazil implying voter fraud in their recent election. The fake news isn't covering it or is misrepresenting it. They claim supporters of the candidate who lost the election are protesting the results of a democratic election. However, when you see the insane number of people participating in the protest, an independent recount is without question in order. Electronic voting or counting is not secure. We need physical recounts of actual ballots.

Update: Reuters reported that "The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director last year told senior Brazilian officials that President Jair Bolsonaro should stop casting doubt on his country's voting system ahead of the October election, sources told Reuters." Oh right. The CIA made sure it was a fair election. Not. CIA director urged Bolsonaro to stop doubting Brazil’s voting system. The CIA is inherently dishonest. Recount the physical ballots. That ends the controversy.

Why is William Burns, the director of the CIA featured on the World Economic forum's website? The WEF profile states that Burns is the first career diplomat to serve as Director.
"Ambassador Burns is the current Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and immediate past president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the oldest international affairs (Globalist) think tank in the United States." They are funded by China and Robert James Nicholls. John Brennan voted Communist before he joined the CIA.


  1. I call this technique to steal elections the ole Soros shuffle. Getting pretty brazen, unfortunately for the conspirators Take one look at who the tuffest most fearless people in the UFC. Brazilians. This will backfire MAGAly for the NWO borg. Go spaceforce!!

  2. Lula is a WEF puppet ... the Brazilians can smell a rat .....

    1. Yeah it's kind of a red flag when a year before the electronic voting election the CIA says don't question the results.

    2. At this point it’s either a slap in the face from tyrants or an operation to wake people up from a deep 600 year coma.

  3. The world outside Rockefeller indoctrinated Canadian university useful idiot obedience certificate people seem to get it.

  4. Yeah WTF is the CIA Director doing being involved in ANY of that shit.....


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