Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Organized crime investigation in Camrose, Alberta

The Edmonton Journal is reporitng that "Police are warning Camrose residents to expect a heavy law enforcement presence there amid an ongoing organized crime investigation. Officials with ALERT (Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams) said Monday its officers with Camrose and Edmonton police, as well as the RCMP, are executing 17 search warrants in the area on Monday. Camrose is about 73 km south of Edmonton."


  1. Organized crime in Camrose? Unbelievable. We will get more of what we have already proven we will tolerate. I'm sure there is a Bible verse that applies. Something about "smite'ing the evil doer's hip and thigh".....Eventually good people will have to do what we have recently been told are bad things or we will all be consumed by this plague.

  2. Announcing that you intend to execute 17 search warrants in a relatively small community kind of undoes the potential efficacy of those warrants in obtaining evidence - no?

    1. That's a good point. I believe it said they are executing not will execute.


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